Palm Springs – San Diego – Los Angeles

We left Palm Springs and used the back routes up the mountains and over the other end. It was very scenic and I envy those who live in the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains. We hit I-15 in no time headed to San Diego. We didn’t use the highway for long as we used back roads and found our way to I-5. All we had to do was ignore google maps and it’s forced to get a newer longer route. No problem as it was a road trip and we were only in a hurry to hit Los Angeles later. I-5 is very scenic running along the Pacific Ocean.

San Diego is beautiful but we didn’t have time to explore what it offers and we just drove around, checked out the beach, which wasn’t that great and soon we were headed out headed to LA. The military owns a huge stretch of the beach along that highway and we were able to stop at a viewing point and saw the US Navy hauling stuff from the shore to a ship docked off shore. Very cool stuff.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) welcomed us again in California, we had to go through another check between San Diego and LA. I guess it’s the gateway to America from Mexico and South America.

We managed to get on a toll road unknowingly and I guess that’s how the toll way is set up. Get money from unsuspecting drivers. Luckily we sorted it out over the phone but had to pay the minimum for using the toll road.

I thought driving in Kenya and Houston is crazy but it’s nothing compared to LA. It’s crazy out there and all that madness at high speeds. We thought we’d make it to Disneyland but time was not on our side on this trip. We skipped it and headed to see friends in Pasadena. Beautiful city it is but the traffic is a killer. You spend hours on end getting from one part of LA to another. LA is super huge I tell you.

We finally managed to get to Santa Monica in all that madness. Another LA suburb but not before missing a few turns and ending up on the wrong freeways. What would we do without google maps?

IMAG0839 IMAG0840 IMAG0847 IMAG0860 IMAG0864 IMAG0915 IMAG0917 IMAG0926 IMAG0927 IMAG0936 IMAG0984 IMAG1001 IMAG1037

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