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Travel, Travel, Travel


Departing from N’djamena in Chad, Ethiopia bound..

The last 2 days have been crazy. I travelled yesterday from N’djamena in Chad to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (4hour flight on Ethiopian Airlines), got here at night, went out abit, slept most of the day. Now to head to the airport for my Kenya Airways 5pm flight back to Nairobi. Then tomorrow morning am off to Northern Kenya (5hour drive to Samburu) for an off road car competition. I am a spectator so no worries about competing.

Travel is fun, try it..and its addictive.


US Drone

Very Random. I know. Unrelated to DV processing.

I saw a US drone landing at the N’djamena Airport today. i’d never seen one before. It was unmanned and quite big. I thought it would be smaller. 2 military personnel were waiting for it at the end of the runaway. Inspected it and drove off leaving it parked. They are here to help #Nigeria find the girls abducted by Boko Haram. US Troops in Chad


Do Not Disturb

An interesting ‘Do Not Disturb’ hotel sign


And of course the local beer..Whenever i travel, tasting the local beer is part of experiencing the local culture..Oh and i found Cameroonian Aloco aka Plantain (Fried ripe bananas). I was in heaven.


Enjoy the weekend, i’m working through the weekend..No rest

Throwback Thursday

This song played everyday at 6.15am on KBC just as you prepared to leave for school..memories

Cleaning up my life

I have so many post to post but no time. This will change as soon as I am done with my finals.

Happy Jamhuri day to my lovely country Kenya!

Since I can’t post the national anthem, here is a jam from the early days of KBC/VOK.


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Camouflage shorts and hat

I had trouble free 2nd leg of my journey today into Central Africa…no,no not that one you are thinking..but a Central Africa country..Ethiopian Airlines is the only airline from East Africa to venture here. My colleagues and I checked in yesterday and got our seats for this connecting flight, we were shocked when rechecking in this morning to be told there had been an aircraft change and we had to change seats again..Shock on us when we went to board only to be told there had been another (3rd) aircraft change and another seat change..damn. An uneventful 4 hour flight to this desert capital..2600km away. We travelled with 15 or so British Army officers. I wonder what they are upto this part of the world. Maybe on the hunt for the abducted girls in Nigeria. Who knows. Anyway, this place is blazing hot. 40+ degrees. Air conditioning is a must. The french military is based at the airport, their military is all over the place. There is nothing spectacular about the city. It has low rise building and military presence everywhere. Luckily our partners here were on hand to receive us just as we stepped off the airport bus into immigration..We are passportless as we left them with the police at the airport who will take them to Immigration department from where we’ll pick them 3 or 4 days from today with our visas..Yeah, i know.. interesting country. So i came in dressed in these American Eagle cargo worries. I wear them when i’m travelling but..


No problem until i went in for a brief from our partners and everyone is asking me if i’m a Marine and giving me the look (haha) I wish..No i answer..then they let me know that the said shorts are the same used by the military here and would definitely get me in trouble with the soldiers together with my hat..Oops. Central Africa problems..who knew




Chad Army

Chad Army (courtesy

Same with this jungle camouflage..can’t use it here..Luckily i carried a second pair of shorts. As for the hat, i’ll just wear it when am not walking around. In other news..across this river is Cameroon. Another country less that 500 metres away. Interesting..


Anyway i’m here for a couple of weeks before i go back to face the Consular Officer at the US Embassy in Nairobi next month..

Ooh and women here rock these little motor coool!!


Distraction 1

I am currently travelling away from Nairobi for work..This is good as it will make time move faster towards my interview date and distract me long enough to be back shortly before the interview..I can’t complain. I love travelling and have been travelling around our continent and beyond for a while now..


Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi, Kenya


My ride today Embraer 190 and our national airline..Kenya Airways..The Pride of Africa


Great views on a clear day, it can’t get any better..Relaxing


Transit Airport in a neighboring country..


My transit city..



Relaxed pad for the on the road continues

Luckily no work today and days. Kinda tiring though having been up at 4 to make it in time for the flight..relax, eat, sleep and do it all over again tomorrow. Its a welcome distraction from all the inner conflict and anxiety..Until then..

Rollercoaster of Emotions..

I am conflicted..


Winning the Diversity Visa Lottery is supposed to be great news..and don’t get me wrong it is..But as the interview date nears i’ve been thinking if i’m doing the right thing by pursuing the visa. I guess it’s a normal thing to be in that state. I’ve lived in Kenya my whole and this potential move scares me. Leaving everything and starting all over in a new place if i get the visa. I’ve informed my parents about the great news and they are happy for me. They think i should pursue this venture to the end. I’m single so i don’t have family to think of. I don’t have lots of attachments per se.

I’m also not sure who to tell of the good news. I’ve told some of my very close friends. Some are happy, others not so sure. For now my workplace wants me to travel asap, hopefully that will distract and calm me..but for now i’m in that place. Don’t know if others who’ve been through this felt the same at some point.


Millenium dome, Chicago

Enjoy your weekend peeps..