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Galveston beach..


Galveston Beachline.. Photo credit:

I finally made it to the nearest beach to Houston, it’s about an hour south. Traffic wasn’t so bad this time round and we made it in good time. From the main street in Galveston it looked like it never recovered from Hurricane Katrina a decade ago. Most business on the main street were closed..until we got to the stretch of beach..Wow..packed was an understatement. The beach itself wasn’t all that but peeps got to do with what they have..nothing beats Kenyan and Zanzibar beaches. It had lots of seaweed but guys had brought out grills to do barbeque and it was a great atmosphere being out there and being near water. I forgot the,my..It was 100F/38C outside. Those guys were tanning but me thinks they were more like roasting..Lets just say we got out checked out the beach kidogo then got back into the car, drove around some more and ended up in a nice Mexican seafood restaurant..let me just say I’m hooked to shrimp wrapped in bacon..ooh!! pure bliss I tell you. The servings in this place are too big. I couldn’t get through half..but give me time. I’m working on that 🙂

There were so many hotels and furnished apartments on the coastline, so a weekend plot is not a bad idea in the future.


Galveston beachline..

More bad food story..the next day we went to Papas Bar-B-Q. All you can eat, porkribs for $9.95..haha..This will be the death of me..I was ready to have a coupla serving but I don’t know what they put on their food man, I was full before I even finished my 1st serving of 4. I don’t know what they put in their food but I couldn’t go past 1 serving.


Bacon wrapped shrimps..yuuummy!!!..Notice the beans.. 🙂

Oh, Mexican’s serve lots of beans with their meals..hmm..feels like I’m back in Nairobi in those chapo/madondo joints (tortilla/beans) 🙂


All you can eat porkribs..Papas Bar-b-q.. Photo credit:

Anywho, all that food got to go. So i’ve been running in addition to cycling. There is a park nearby where Mexicans, Caribbeans and Africans (Kenyans, Tanzanians, Cameroonians, Ghanians, Nigerians) play soccer every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. While my pal plays soccer i run round a loooong track around and through the woods. I clocked about 9 km ( app is so cool)..not all shrimp and porkribs burned but at least I’m trying. Hope I can keep it going. Running is not my strongest field especially after I had my knee ACL reconstruction surgery, but so far the knee is holding up very well.


Myers park, Spring, Texas.. Photo credit :

My paperwork is finally on the way…finally I can track it online and it’s a day away..Life is about to change forever, so let me enjoy before it does.



1 Month Later..

I’ve been in Houston for 4 weeks now. Anything about life that I’ve done worth noting? Not really..I’m still waiting for my paperwork from the government. It’s not here I’m just being patient and preparing for the driving exam in the meantime. I knew about this long wait before I came here so no surprise there.


Lakewood Church in Downtown Houston..Has a sitting capacity of 16,800. Former Houston Rockets stadium..The sound in this place is to die for.

What have I been upto? Not much really. I found a church here. Its called Lakewood Church. It’s a big ass church. pardon the pun. It’s headed by Joel Osteen who is a really cool peep. I’ve been there 2 sundays and I’ve loved it, so my spiritual side of things is sorted for now. His brother Paul is a Surgeon and operates around the world but he had very good things to say about +254. He works closely with Tenwek Hospital in Kaplong.


The KHS road bike I got last week on Craigslist

I got a bike last week..a bicycle. I love cycling as a hobby and it’s my most interesting keep fit activity. I’ve been cycling around the neighborhood and I’m liking it. Using the right side of the road is different but the drivers are quite accommodating of cyclists so that helps to feel safer. I’ve had quite a few stares on the road. Apparently peeps of African origin, hehe..political correctness I tell you..are not known for cycling. Getting used to those too.Interesting. It’s summer time so the sun goes down very late meaning at 6 in the evenings it’s still very hot here. So i ride for an hour between 6-7pm but it feels like 5pm Nairobi time..I brought all my cycling gear from Nairobi so getting into cycling mode has been easy.


The keep fit regime is going on well. No crazy kilos added in the month I’ve been here which is good. This ‘pot’ won’t go by itself.No soda for me (apparently it’s a big contributor to said weight issues) but lots of meats..:( not the best but hey I can’t complain..Lots of fruits too and they don’t go bad that easily..hmm. Genetically modified food is weird.


Joel Osteen Live..

I’m happy with where I’m so far, no anxiety or sadness for now. Will see how that goes as time goes by.


Big guns, pistols, ammo..what do you need? Quite affordable too

Random: In Texas it’s legal to own guns. I haven’t been to a gun shop yet but in the Sunday paper they had advertised a number of special offers on rifles and pistols..Just like Nakumatt does in the Nation newspaper. Do you want a pistol for $299 or a semi-automatic rifle for $799. For bullets you just add a little bit more and you have enough for practice session at the range.

Beach trip that never was..

We had planned to go to Galveston beach, an hour away from Houston. We got on the freeway and headed that way. Traffic on weekends in this city is a female dog if you know what i mean. Same as Nairobi..even on the free way traffic was so backed up. Lets just say we didn’t get too far before the heavens opened up. It didn’t rain, it poured. Visibility was so poor that even on the Interstate speeds reduced to a near crawl. We were still a long way out from Galveston.


We decided it was not worth the hustle to spend hours driving down in a storm and even in the beach town a thunderstorm was predicted..Love technology in this country. It’s raining where you are going and weather forecast is quite on point..So we turned back and were in traffic for another hour due to weekend traffic and construction zones..oh my there is road construction all the time here.


We headed to a factory outlet mall..Woe unto us as we got there. It was so packed that we had to find packing in a grassy overflow parking lot. Apparently it was the last weekend before school re-opens tomorrow and it was also the tax free weekend.. meaning peeps didn’t have to pay for tax on the stuff they bought their kids. We checked into Adidas..too packed, Forever 21 was closed to shoppers inside..haha!! For every few that exited, a few more got in..We got tired from all the human traffic in that mall.


Had lunch at the overflowing food court, checked out Nike store..too packed, Sketchers..same thing..This mall seems like quite a bargain mall, but you need time when it’s not too packed, so will be back there sometime..until then we couldn’t handle this mess so we left..Not the weekend I had hoped for but I got to see more of Houston and just be outdoors.


NB. There are really really big peeps out here and they are not afraid to dress in small little pants, little goodness it’s just gross whichever way you look at it.


Random. I saw a Lamborghini in


Useless info..Lamborghini is a tractor maker that started making luxury cars after the Ferrari creator insulted them..


Road trip to Dallas


I went for a road trip last weekend to Dallas. It’s about 3 and a half hours away on good American roads. Its about 390km (240 miles). I was in the outskirts of Dallas in a town called Waxahachie..apparently it’s nicknamed Gachie. The town on the outskirts of Gigiri in Nairobi. Small towns here are quite interesting. Very many cars and not so many people in the whole town. A Wall Mart is standard, it’s where everyone meets for shopping. We just hang out and had a party indoors.


No drinking and driving is the rule here. So either there is a designated driver taking water or don’t drink at all. Apparently it’s tough for Kenyans in this place to adhere to those rules and many have been caught with DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and DWI (Driving While Intoxicated). Apparently you don’t want that in your records. It will cost you an arm and a leg to sort.


Downtown Dallas

So bud lights it was till late. Went into downtown Dallas on sunday and boy that city is huge. We were looking for Farmers Choice sausages. It’s a much sought after delicacy by Kenyan’s here. We drove for an hour to find the store that sold the coveted stuff. We found it but it was sunday morning so it was closed..dang..Luckily after a phone call and explaining we were out of town customers. The Jupiter Foods lady was kind enough to open and let us into her store. It had all those Kenyan delicacies..Ketepa tea, Dormans coffee, Milo, Chapatis (those chapos were huuge), samosas and Ugali flour in plenty. We stocked up and headed back to Houston.


Home away from home..sausages, tea, coffee, chapatis, blue band you name it

Gas/Petrol is kinda cheap in Texas so guys drive guzzlers and it’s not so hard on the pocket. 4 litre guzzlers are pretty common here and speed limit on the I-45 wasn’t so bad..75miles per hour (120kph). We were back ‘home’ in 3 hours


I hope to do more travelling as time goes by. Austin, San Antonio, New Orleans are all within range. Can’t wait to start driving.