Random..Frisbee throwing

This is a random post. I’ve been running in the park the last couple of weeks getting ready for boot camp. There are all types of stuff going on..walking, running, cycling, baseball, dog chilling zone, football or what they call soccer here and wait for it..flying disc or frisbee throwing (It’s a disc shaped gliding toy 🙂 ). I’d seen it back in Nairobi or the trips I took with my expatriate colleagues but I didn’t know it’s that BIG here. They have these chain baskets all over the park and guys move around in groups like they do in golf. Throwing the flying disc around in turns and then moving on to the next ‘hole’ or basket. So random..I’ve seen more than once guys pushing baby trams as they play. Who knew Texans or Americans love this game so much.


Frisbee throwing is BIG here.. Photo courtesy https://suchgooddogs.blogspot.com

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