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Random Chopper moment

So I was at the local airport building my solo time for my private pilot license..clear sunny evening,  calm winds.. just what a student would love to perfect his landings in. I had done 2 landings in the pattern. Then as I was coming in for my third landing I heard on the radio and saw a Marine Corps V22 Osprey conning into the pattern to land. The V22 is a tiltrotor military aircraft with vertical landings and takeoff capabilities.. meaning it comes in to land like a fixed wing plane would but touches down vertically. He circled and landed,  I had to keep circling in the pattern until the chopper departed the runway. Which they did after a while but my instructor on the ground was uncomfortable with me the student being around the chopper so he called off any more landings. I landed the third time and that was it. 

Fortunately the Osprey remained in the pattern and performed a couple more landings. It was so cool to watch at close range as the the pilots hovered in place. 

Here are short videos of the maneuvers 


Babies are work..

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Babies are a lot of work..a lot.  Especially in America. It’s very different having a baby in America. We were blessed with a baby boy in February.  It’s been a lot of fun and “fun” ever since. 

Having a baby in a new country is different. In Kenya you have all the relatives helping out and also getting you a househelp or a “mbotch” as we say in Kenyanese 😁

Luckily my mother-in-law flew in to help us with the bundle of joy. She has been of immense help for the two months she’s been around. She went back home last week. We are eternally grateful. Mothers are saviors.

In America unfortunately you cannot have a househelp as its  very expensive. We’ll take him to daycare once he’s old enough. Daycare It’s not cheap either running at around 200 bucks a week. Yes a week..

It’s been a rollercoaster since he arrived on this beautiful earth. He’s fed, cries, sleeps,  poops and repeats hundreds of times. It doesn’t get easier. He sleeps well on some days,  he cries endlessly on some days.. and we are are always tired and sleepy due to the reason above. 

I’ve learnt to catch snoozes whenever I can.. be it half an hour,  an hour I’ll take it. When mum was around we could hand her the bundle and catch a few snoozes. Not anymore.

Whenever I wasn’t working or in school the wife and mum would take a break. It can be overwhelming for mothers  and they need breaks every so often to recharge.

Did I say diapers are expensive.. oh yea,  the single most expensive item this far. Luckily there is online shopping and there are always deals so that helps. 

And who knew babies can scream that much and loud and don’t seem to run out of steam.. You worry the neighbours might call the cops on is for all the wailing.  One late night he cried for so long that neighbours started banging our walls, they couldn’t sleep.  Luckily they didn’t  call cops. The crying drives me crazy sometimes but we made the bed of roses now we gotta sleep in it. 😊😊😊 Everything I do to try calm him doesn’t work and sometimes I just sit and watch him cry..a little crying never harmed anyone. That’s how some of us toughened up growing up. 

Insurance that the Air Force has us on has been helpful but complicated to navigate. It’s really helped considering prenatal and postnatal care. Healthcare is expensive in this country. It’s not a joke. 

He’s growing fine and we are blessed to have him. He’s touched our lives in amazing ways and we look forward to him growing into a young God fearing man.. despite driving us crazy at times. 

It’s been a great journey thus far, I came to the US a single man,  i married a wonderful woman and now we have a son, we are a family.  It’s a blessing and we are thankful everyday. I wish my mum was alive to see her grandson 😞😞😞 All glory to God.. 

We’ll be moving soon from the east coast to a new base. The Air Force journey continues.. Guriix US journey continues.