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A year in Alaska

We’ve been in Alaska for a year now and to be honest it hasn’t been that bad. I’m glad we made the move up here. We experienced our first winter and that was interesting to say the least.

First we had to get studded tires for our cars which are allowed from mid October to May. They make a difference with traction especially on days when the roads are slick.

Military life has been easy too. Monday to Friday 7-4 is not exactly a difficult back breaking gig. I have 3 more years before I’m done. They should go by fast.

My wife has been working on base for the past year or so now and there is availability of jobs too compared to North Carolina where we were stationed before. The little guy is growing fast and he’s quite a handful dealing with. He goes to daycare and being with other age mates has helped in his development so far. He’s at a stage where ‘No has become his favorite word. Anything and everything you tell him is met with a No..interesting times as we hope he outgrows this stage soon. Did I say daycare is not cheap in America. It’s not. He goes to daycare on base here, the rates are subsidized according to one’s rank. The rates downtown are through the roof.

There are a tonne of things to do in Alaska. We have hiked, we have driven the through nearly all of Alaska’s roads. There is so much wildlife up here. We’ve seen Moose, Bears, Caribou and many other little creatures. Wildlife has right of way here on base, you don’t mess with them, give way and they’ll be on their way.

I tried fishing too with a friend of mine on a river a couple of hours from Anchorage. I didn’t catch anything but it was fun.

My brother and his wife came visiting from Kenya during Summer. We took them around the state and they had a good time. The most shocking thing for them was the sun being up at nearly midnight during the height of the the season. We took them on a cruise out in the Gulf of Alaska and to 2 other port cities ; Valdez and Whittier and they had a blast.

I’ve taken up a planespotting photography hobby since I’ve been up here. Anchorage is a big stopover for cargo airliners coming from Asia on their way to what we call ‘Lower 48’ or Continental United States. As an aviation enthusiast it’s been fun seeing all these jumbo jets up close. I hope one day I’ll be piloting one of them.

It’s officially Fall now and the colors outdoors have been amazingly beautiful. We’ve driven around and introduced the young guy to the outdoors and he loves it.

As we prepare for another winter, we are losing light fast. We’ll see how it treats us.

Below are some pictures of Alaska.