Monthly Archives: August 2016

North East US

The wait is nearly over..key word ‘nearly’. The cogs are moving slowly to the beat of government red tape. A week at a time. The process to get the missus here is getting somewhere. We are waiting for an interview date at the U.S. embassy in Nairobi. It’s gone much faster than we’d been told. 4 weeks instead of 6. Not bad.

The case is complete now. They’ve reviewed all the paperwork we sent them and they are satisfied to let us proceed to the next ‘hurry up and wait’ process.

We are waiting for interview scheduling at the embassy level to open up. In the meantime I’m grateful that the missus has a visitors B1/B2 visa to visit. She was visiting for a couple of weeks. It was the first time she was visiting my East coast pad. Summer is coming to an end but she got a taste of temperatures exceeding 90 degrees fahrenheit (32C) with 100% humidity. It wasn’t pretty but hail air conditioning. I’m ok here. Houston was much worse heat wise.

The wife visited, got the house in order..literally. You know when a dude lives alone. The house turns into a bachelor’s pad. I hope I can maintain it while she’s gone.

We planned on checking out Europe on the short break but that didn’t work out as we’d anticipated. Plan B kicked in. We headed to New York City first. It’s a huuuuge expensive city. It’s landmarks are legendary but oh my that life isn’t for everyone. From crazy traffic jams ( no wonder majority of New Yorkians don’t drive) to dilapidated subway system to human traffic in downtown Manhattan..It was a hot mess. Missus was excited to be heading to the big Apple but after a couple of hours, you could tell she wasn’t amused. We checked out the George Washington bridge, 911 memorial, Times Square, Hudson River, Broadway and a few other landmarks before we had to head up north east. The New Jersey turnpike to get across the Hudson river and head towards Connecticut cost $15 one way. What the..

We headed towards Rhode Island, crazy traffic on the only artery connecting that part of the world..I-95. We went through Rhode Island, continued to Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. 

We had great Mediterranean food in Portland, Maine..Iraqi’s who’ve settled there have brought with them all the middle eastern flavour. Samosas, Falafels, spicy meats and rice..finger licking stuff.

We then headed north west to Maine. A mountainous, beautiful and scenic state. I loved it. You could tell that during winter it becomes a ski state of sorts. Snow mobiles and cabins everywhere. We went into Burlington and I got to see my basic training comrade who lives and works there. 

We even made made it into Canada via a border crossing north of Burlington albeit for a short time. Missus had a Kenyan passport and didn’t have a visa so we couldn’t enjoy some Canadian hospitality. Had to turn back almost immediately. Will be back sometime.

Our plan was to head across to Niagara falls but the Audi started acting up and wouldn’t start in the mornings..Arghhhh. It was so frustrating and we spent many hours at auto garage in upstate Syracuse, New York.

We couldn’t risk it and decided to head home. Disappointed but it was a great road trip through 13 states. Will be back to that part of the world soon.

Got to watch some Olympics too and it was interesting to see some random sports like horses dancing to some music. Kenya kicked ass as always in track and field. Finishing only second to my adopted home the US.

Wife is back in Kenya as we await the next stage of this process called family reunification..Soon and very soon.

Pics from the trip.