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Roadtrip Pt 1

We are on the road headed to Alaska.. driving. Life is too short not too take advantage of such opportunities. The Air Force has given me 13 days to get to my new base. I added 2 weeks so with about 4 weeks, I’m touring around. 

My stuff was shipped a couple of weeks ago,  it should get there after we arrive. They shipped some unaccompanied stuff which we’ll need as soon as we get there like uniforms and baby stuff.

We drove wife’s car to Norfolk,  Virginia and it was shipped. Should get there before we do. 

We did a dry run to the Carolina mountains and unfortunately the Audi did not meet the test. The back was too small to fit wife and baby comfortably on the road for 4 weeks. I was able to get a Saab station wagon and a roof luggage box. And it is a 6 speed manual transmission. Just the way I like them. 

We started our trip from North Carolina heading up north. We stopped in Annapolis, Maryland. It’s downtown area is beautiful and classic, it’s by the bay and it’s home to the Naval academy.

Our next stop was Montreal, Canada. It’s the French speaking part of Canada. We didn’t like it much. People were cold and snobbish, the roads were horrible and it sits by a huge river that you have to cross back and forth with only 2 bridges. Crazy traffic. The one interesting thing we saw was bringing your own bottle of wine to a restaurant and just paying for food.. random culture. 

We then headed to Ottawa the political capital of Canada. It’s beautiful,  lots of people doing outdoor stuff everywhere,  has old cathedrals and buildings and even has mass yoga sessions twice a week outdoors by this European style old building. It was thousands of people in this square when we passed thru.

Next stop was by Toronto, the financial hub.  it’s a big mess traffic wise. Too much traffic and small roads for its size. We didn’t explore much here. It sits on the edge of Lake Ontario which gets it’s waters from the Niagara falls.

We headed to Niagara falls,  it’s all its described to be especially on the Canadian side. It’s scenic,  huge, smoke rising from the falls. It’s a wow moment seeing it the first time. There is a skydeck from where you can have a bird’s eye view. We loved it but there was a storm while we were there and we got soaked a good one. 

The U.S side is a state park where you see the water before it hits the falls. There is a island and some caves behind the falls that you can hike down to but you don’t have the full view of the falls. 

We’ll bring the baby back when he’s much older to appreciate the beauty of this God given wonder.

The trip continues..