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1 Month Later..

I’ve been in Houston for 4 weeks now. Anything about life that I’ve done worth noting? Not really..I’m still waiting for my paperwork from the government. It’s not here yet..so I’m just being patient and preparing for the driving exam in the meantime. I knew about this long wait before I came here so no surprise there.


Lakewood Church in Downtown Houston..Has a sitting capacity of 16,800. Former Houston Rockets stadium..The sound in this place is to die for.

What have I been upto? Not much really. I found a church here. Its called Lakewood Church. It’s a big ass church. pardon the pun. It’s headed by Joel Osteen who is a really cool peep. I’ve been there 2 sundays and I’ve loved it, so my spiritual side of things is sorted for now. His brother Paul is a Surgeon and operates around the world but he had very good things to say about +254. He works closely with Tenwek Hospital in Kaplong.


The KHS road bike I got last week on Craigslist

I got a bike last week..a bicycle. I love cycling as a hobby and it’s my most interesting keep fit activity. I’ve been cycling around the neighborhood and I’m liking it. Using the right side of the road is different but the drivers are quite accommodating of cyclists so that helps to feel safer. I’ve had quite a few stares on the road. Apparently peeps of African origin, hehe..political correctness I tell you..are not known for cycling. Getting used to those too.Interesting. It’s summer time so the sun goes down very late meaning at 6 in the evenings it’s still very hot here. So i ride for an hour between 6-7pm but it feels like 5pm Nairobi time..I brought all my cycling gear from Nairobi so getting into cycling mode has been easy.


The keep fit regime is going on well. No crazy kilos added in the month I’ve been here which is good. This ‘pot’ won’t go by itself.No soda for me (apparently it’s a big contributor to said weight issues) but lots of meats..:( not the best but hey I can’t complain..Lots of fruits too and they don’t go bad that easily..hmm. Genetically modified food is weird.


Joel Osteen Live..

I’m happy with where I’m so far, no anxiety or sadness for now. Will see how that goes as time goes by.


Big guns, pistols, ammo..what do you need? Quite affordable too

Random: In Texas it’s legal to own guns. I haven’t been to a gun shop yet but in the Sunday paper they had advertised a number of special offers on rifles and pistols..Just like Nakumatt does in the Nation newspaper. Do you want a pistol for $299 or a semi-automatic rifle for $799. For bullets you just add a little bit more and you have enough for practice session at the range.