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Hurricane Matthew

We got hit by the hurricane and lived to tell the story. I was without power for 5 days. The city got flooded and some people have lost their homes which are still submerged. Businesses are counting losses. 

I survived on bread, milk and cereals until I got power back. It had been predicted that Florida, Georgia and South Carolina would get hit by the hurricane. Unfortunately North Carolina got the brunt of it all. 60 mph winds took out trees and with it power lines. 

Interstate highways were closed for days, local roads were closed and some are just reopening. It’s going to be a long road to recovery for a lot of people. 

Losing power back in Kenya courtesy of Kenya Power & Lighting Company was a common occurrence whenever it rained. Mostly you’d lose power for a couple of hours but sometimes it’d be for days. Candles, a headlamp and a good attitude did it for me. Luckily the water heater insulation is good enough here and it kept the water hot for a few days before I got power back. 

Hundreds of high water rescues were conducted in the local area and some people unfortunately lost their lives. 

Luckily for the base, most aircraft had been repositioned further inland. Some families on base housing had to be evacuated to the gym for a night. 

A river that runs by the base crested at 29.7 feet, flooding part of the base buildings in that area. Damage to some buildings won’t be known until the water subsides enough for their structural stability to be determined.

It’ll take a while to recover for sure but I’m grateful that I’m safe above everything else. Here are a few pictures of the devastation in the area.

Photos courtesy : sjafb, news Argus cops, Connie Wise Richards


Road trip pics

I took pictures on the way to and from Atlanta. Unfortunately I didn’t take any while I was in ATL. Why? I guess I was having too much fun and forgot all about the camera. Here are some of the photos on the road. I didn’t have much time to stop and take pictures all over the place. Took them most on the go. I tried to stop and take some of the state welcome signs though.

IMG_1096 IMG_1107 IMG_1144 IMG_1149 IMG_1152 IMG_1155 IMG_1162 IMG_1169 IMG_1188 IMG_1198 IMG_1205 IMG_1213 IMG_1222 IMG_1224 IMG_1247 IMG_1298