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Road trip to Dallas


I went for a road trip last weekend to Dallas. It’s about 3 and a half hours away on good American roads. Its about 390km (240 miles). I was in the outskirts of Dallas in a town called Waxahachie..apparently it’s nicknamed Gachie. The town on the outskirts of Gigiri in Nairobi. Small towns here are quite interesting. Very many cars and not so many people in the whole town. A Wall Mart is standard, it’s where everyone meets for shopping. We just hang out and had a party indoors.


No drinking and driving is the rule here. So either there is a designated driver taking water or don’t drink at all. Apparently it’s tough for Kenyans in this place to adhere to those rules and many have been caught with DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and DWI (Driving While Intoxicated). Apparently you don’t want that in your records. It will cost you an arm and a leg to sort.


Downtown Dallas

So bud lights it was till late. Went into downtown Dallas on sunday and boy that city is huge. We were looking for Farmers Choice sausages. It’s a much sought after delicacy by Kenyan’s here. We drove for an hour to find the store that sold the coveted stuff. We found it but it was sunday morning so it was closed..dang..Luckily after a phone call and explaining we were out of town customers. The Jupiter Foods lady was kind enough to open and let us into her store. It had all those Kenyan delicacies..Ketepa tea, Dormans coffee, Milo, Chapatis (those chapos were huuge), samosas and Ugali flour in plenty. We stocked up and headed back to Houston.


Home away from home..sausages, tea, coffee, chapatis, blue band you name it

Gas/Petrol is kinda cheap in Texas so guys drive guzzlers and it’s not so hard on the pocket. 4 litre guzzlers are pretty common here and speed limit on the I-45 wasn’t so bad..75miles per hour (120kph). We were back ‘home’ in 3 hours


I hope to do more travelling as time goes by. Austin, San Antonio, New Orleans are all within range. Can’t wait to start driving.