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Beach trip that never was..

We had planned to go to Galveston beach, an hour away from Houston. We got on the freeway and headed that way. Traffic on weekends in this city is a female dog if you know what i mean. Same as Nairobi..even on the free way traffic was so backed up. Lets just say we didn’t get too far before the heavens opened up. It didn’t rain, it poured. Visibility was so poor that even on the Interstate speeds reduced to a near crawl. We were still a long way out from Galveston.


We decided it was not worth the hustle to spend hours driving down in a storm and even in the beach town a thunderstorm was predicted..Love technology in this country. It’s raining where you are going and weather forecast is quite on point..So we turned back and were in traffic for another hour due to weekend traffic and construction zones..oh my there is road construction all the time here.


We headed to a factory outlet mall..Woe unto us as we got there. It was so packed that we had to find packing in a grassy overflow parking lot. Apparently it was the last weekend before school re-opens tomorrow and it was also the tax free weekend.. meaning peeps didn’t have to pay for tax on the stuff they bought their kids. We checked into Adidas..too packed, Forever 21 was closed to shoppers inside..haha!! For every few that exited, a few more got in..We got tired from all the human traffic in that mall.


Had lunch at the overflowing food court, checked out Nike store..too packed, Sketchers..same thing..This mall seems like quite a bargain mall, but you need time when it’s not too packed, so will be back there sometime..until then we couldn’t handle this mess so we left..Not the weekend I had hoped for but I got to see more of Houston and just be outdoors.


NB. There are really really big peeps out here and they are not afraid to dress in small little things..hot pants, little miniskirts..my goodness it’s just gross whichever way you look at it.


Random. I saw a Lamborghini in traffic..here


Useless info..Lamborghini is a tractor maker that started making luxury cars after the Ferrari creator insulted them..