Daily Archives: November 20, 2016

Emergency Leave to Kenya

I lost my mum at the end of October, It’s painful losing a parent. This is especially hard when you are thousands of miles away in another country. I got to see her 6 months ago when I was last in Kenya. I last talked to her 3 weeks before her demise. She was sick and had been admitted to hospital 2 weeks before she passed on.

I was kinda prepared mentally for the unimaginable eventuality but it still hit me hard when I received the news that she was no more.

I informed my leadership at work and they immediately started working to get me out to Kenya as soon as was feasibly possible. My emergency leave was approved immediately. The process of getting clearances to travel was set in motion. All agencies involved were very accommodating given the circumstances. I’m immensely grateful to everyone who made it possible to travel on short notice.

I didn’t travel for a week after it happened as the funeral was set for much later. It was a difficult time being so far away. Friends and colleagues were there for me. Keeping me company and making sure that I wasn’t alone. 

I made the sad trip to Kenya, my wife was waiting for me. Plans were underway for the funeral. Everyone was somehow coping with the loss. It had been a tough month in the family. We lost two aunties and now mum all in a space of a month.

Going to see mum in the morgue was the most difficult thing I’ve done in a long time. I needed closure. I saw her lying there and I thanked God for taking the pain away from her. I cried and mourned for her but I also thanked God for the 75+ years she gave her to be with us.

I made the trip home away from the city and kept dad company before the funeral. It’s much harder for him losing his companion of 54 years. He was holding up well surrounded by family and friends.

The day of the funeral came and the funeral service was touching. Hearing her life relived by all present, seeing family, relatives and friends from all walks of life giving her a worthy sending off brought tears to my eyes.

The funeral went well. We laid her remains to rest as the rains threatened to come down on an early Thursday afternoon in the Kenyan countryside. 

It felt empty afterwards, not having her around the house, not hearing her voice, her cooking and the happiness a mother brings. Her presence will be dearly missed. She’s in a better place now.

I’m still mourning her, it will take a while to fill the void left by her departure but eventually all will be well by God’s grace. I’m grateful for the virtues she instilled in all of us siblings and all who got to know her.

I spent a few days after the funeral with dad. Trying to make sure there would be someone to take care of his daily needs and the day to day running of the home without his better half. 

Soon it was time to head back stateside to work. I’m now back to work but it hasn’t been easy.Hopefully time will heal the wounds.

A big shoutout to family, friends, colleagues and everyone who has supported us through prayer, financially, emotionally and physically during this trying time. A special mention goes to my wife for being by my side throughout this ordeal. 

Thank you for bringing me forth in this world. I’m eternally grateful. Fare thee well mum. 😪😪