Hurry up and wait

That seems to be the motto adopted by the National Visa Center (NVC) whom I’m dealing with currently for wifey’s paperwork. The go-ahead came after the Affidavit of Support (AOS) and Immigrant Visa (IV) fee posted. The next step was filing out DS 260 which in long means Application for Immigrant Visa & Alien Registration. 

To call it a long form is an’s looooong and its online. You need a steady internet connection to finish filing it and a ton of information ready. For example, residential addresses since the age of

It took me a minute to compete. I submitted that in and  only then could I proceed to the next step.

Affidavit of Support(AOS) was the next order of business. It’s basically the “don’t ask the government for assistance to help take care of your spouse/family” pledge. You collect all the tax paperwork for the last 3 years or so. I haven’t been here that long but I’ve been paying my taxes. I did collect all the paperwork. 

Then to the next one..supporting documents. Anything that proves that your relationship is legit. Pictures together, marriage certificate, phone call logs, whatsapp message log, birth certificate, affidavits from peeps who know you well, wedding pictures, police certificates from every country you’ve resided in since age 16. Good thing was the Kenyan one wasn’t hard to get but missus lived in South Africa for 4 years for school. We have to send in the finger prints to the South African Police (SAP) down in Pretoria and wait for God-knows-how-long. So I wrote a letter requesting a waiver to bring it to the interview in Nairobi. Will see what they say.

Lastly I arranged everything into one package and sent it out to them.

Guess what..more wait time. Six weeks for them to go through all the paperwork and then get back to us. Now to wait some more.

In other news I took a trip to Washington DC from my neck of woods to plane watch..yes, to plane watch. I had great time up there and even managed to check out a few attractions while I was there and saw the July 4th Independence day parade. The famed fireworks did not live up to expectations as the cloud cover was too low. Here are a few pics from that trip..Ooh and got to have some tasty fish and Ugali(Kenyan corn bread/dough) up in Swahili village in Laurel, Maryland..Great stuff.


2 thoughts on “Hurry up and wait

  1. storm

    Hallo Guriix,I am also from Kenya and in the process of collecting documents for proof or relationship for my wife immigration.My question is:
    1)You talked about whattsapp call logs,how do you get them since whattsapp doesnt give the option to print.Will screen shots work.
    2)Sworn Affidavit from people who know you. I read from somewhere that the embassy doesn’t trust affidavits from African countries,how true are these allegation and in your case how did you get the sworn affidavits,(I need the procedure involved).
    3)Incase the embassy accepts screen shots from whattsapp,how many pages would you recommend i deliver to the embassy because i have noticed that i have over 300 pages of the chats and plenty of pictures.


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