Owning guns is legal in my state. People live their guns too much to give away the right to own them. It’s not hard to own one.

You need to go to the local court, apply for a license and within a week you get it, and with that and some safety training on how to handle one you can go ahead and purchase one.

Not too long ago I was at the local thrift store and as I exited there was this guy with a pistol in tucked in its holster on his waist band. I tried not to stare. With an open carry license you can carry a weapon openly.

Last week outside my house there was this guy visiting my neighbor who came out of his truck carrying a big assault rifle and a box of ammunition rounds. I guessed he had come from the shooting range.

There has been a ongoing debate on gun ownership before abd during this electioneering period.

Unfortunately or fortunately guns are going no where soon. People love their guns too much to let go. It’s a protected right in the constitution. The second amendment gives the people the right to keep and bear arms.

Texas and Georgia recently passed campus carry laws allowing students and campus staff to carry concealed weapons on campus.

After scoring as part of basic training, I liked it. The recoil wasn’t as bad as I thought. I look forward to shooting at gun ranges for now. I’m ready to own a firearm yet but my colleagues who own a couple love it.

My thoughts on it. It’s cool to own firearms as long as you are a responsible citizen. I’ve heard people out there are against guns. The mood on the ground though is for guns. Americans love their guns and nothing will take them away from them.

As a new American, I can only embrace gun ownership and maintain a level headed approach to it.  You need to watch how you react to situations because you don’t know who is packing some ‘heat’ and just wants to antagonize you.

Coming from Kenya where only law enforcement personnel carry assault rifles, it takes some getting used to seeing civilians carrying an AK47s or AR15s.

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One thought on “Guns

  1. gildo

    As someone who faced thirty years of civil war in Angola, I would be terrified to see someone other than a police officer carrying a gun openly. I guess if I were to live in the States that would be one of the biggest cultural shocks for me.


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