Citizenship test

I just completed my citizenship test. I put in my paperwork in December before I left Houston for my first base. The N-400 is a looong USCIS application booklet or form with 21 pages. In addition to that I attached  form N-426, Request for Certification of Military or Naval Service. Signed by my leadership in tech school. The Dallas USCIS military liaison was very helpful in providing the information I needed to submit. I was supposed to complete the process during Basic Military Training (BMT) but obviously that didn’t happen, same with tech school.

I sent in the paperwork to Nebraska Service Center (NSC) by courier and i confirmed they had received it the following day. A day later NSC wrote and informed me that I needed to have my fingerprints taken at any USCIS Application Support Center (ASC). I stopped in Charleston, West Virginia and did them with no hustle. I proceeded with my journey east.

I contacted them a couple of weeks later and they told me they were in the process of doing background checks. In the meantime as I was in-processing into my new base the Force Support Squadron aka FSS asked for my alien number on my green card so that they could request Nebraska to transfer my file to the state USCIS office.

I followed up with the military liaison 2 weeks later and they confirmed my file had been transferred to the local office. They would contact me if they didn’t need to do further background checks.

USCIS called a week later and voila the interview date was in my mail. I had a week to prepare.

I had a civics study guide to go through. It consists of 100 questions on government and history. I put my time in and was ready for the big day.

I made it to my interview and was seated before an immigration officer at my appointed time. He went over the 21 pages of stuff in the application form, asked me 6 questions including who the Governor of the state is. You have to answer 6 of 10 questions. He stopped after the first 6. He asked me to read and write an English phrase and I was done. I’d passed. I’m changing a name so will have to see a judge for that before the naturalization ceremony in a couple of weeks.

I look forward to the day so that I can get the reunification paperwork rolling for missus.



2 thoughts on “Citizenship test

  1. Andrews

    Congrats man but I have a couple of questions; As a DV winner how were you able to get fast tracked to citizenship/naturalization when it takes for GC holders a minimum of living in the US for 4-5 years before you can even apply? Was the process expedited by the military since you are a GC holder?

    1. Guriix Post author

      It’s one benefit of being a service/military member, in addition to not paying application fees. You can apply at boot camp with the USCIS liaison on base. It’s USCIS that expedites the process. They have a team that deals with applications by military members.


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