Popo Experience

Yesterday I had my second popo aka police incident since I moved to this country. I was driving from my training base going home. I had a car rental and was cruising well within the dipped limit. Well, the speed limit had just changed from 75mph to 70 mph. I had seen that late, baked and changed lanes just as I went over the brow of a hill..and who was on the blind side of the hill. 3 state troopers hidden from view.

I went past them, did the 3 second count as I cruised by and guess what. One of them joined the road and Immediately knew they were after me.

There were a few semi trucks in between but soon they were behind me and flashed the magic lights.

I immediately pulled over. The lead trooper approached the passenger side cautiously as they always do with his hand on his holster ready for anything. I was scanning him on my rear view mirror. He quickly glanced the rear passenger seats and by then I had lowered my windows.

He said I had driven on the shoulder as I passed them. I told him it was possible since I hadn’t been behind the wheel in 3 months. He asked why and I explained I had been in tech school at an AirForce base up the state. Guess what..he said he was also in the AirForce for 4 years and had been in the Security Forces. The equivalent of Military Police in the AirForce. He asked what rank I joined as. I told him and he says he joined at the same rank. Right there I knew my State Trooper gods were smiling on me.

He took my license and the car rental agreement and asked me to step out of the car and stand in front of his cruiser. I did and he started asking me all these basic military questions..what squadron I was in..he gave me his and what was even better his partner was also in the AirForce and had been in my squadron. We did the squadron chant and life was good and I was let go with a warning for driving on the shoulder, which I didn’t but hey..never argue with cops. Show remorse and you just might get away. Hand shakes and I was on my way.

I finished tech school last week but didn’t have orders to leave. It’s the permission to leave your current base and go to the gaining base. I did details as I waited for my orders to drop. They eventually did. I out processed quickly with everyone on base and I got to leave. I have a few leave days down in Houston. I’m getting my stuff. Getting rid of the Audi, getting another runner and hitting the road for the East coast where my new base will be. I haven’t accumulated enough leave days to be in Houston through Christmas. I’ll be heading to my new base next week.

Houston is humid as always but it’s good to be back. Gotta get cracking as I only have a few days in town.






2 thoughts on “Popo Experience

  1. Andrews

    It’s good to see you doing good man (I’ll be moving to the US by summer) but you need to be aware your rights as a legal permanent resident. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4nQ_mFJV4I
    The reason I sent that link is that I’m VERY concerned that you consented to a police search in your 1st encounter, you now have the same rights as a US citizen and you should exercise them. Note it’s not about being belligerent with law enforcement but knowing your options.

    1. Guriix Post author

      Thanks man. Welcome..I know it’s possible to refuse to be searched but that just prolongs the wait. If there is probable cause Then a search warrant can be obtained. For what, I didn’t have anything to hide. I prefer not to be confrontational with the popo


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