Thanksgiving weekend

The long weekend us coming to a close and let’s just say it was 4 miserable days spent indoors. It’s rained day and night and the temperatures dipped to near freezing. Add that to the heating system in our dorms not working and it’s good to say the long weekend was slow and painful.

Thanksgiving lunch was great. The force support squadron outdid themselves and prepared a great meal for all those who remained on base over the long weekend. There were officers welcoming us in the Dining Facility  or DFAC as we call it. There were officers and Senior enlisted serving us. It was great seeing them out there while they could have been hanging out with their families.

Luckily with good Wi-Fi and my handy apps, I’ve been able to watch all the big college and NFL games. I was also able to catch some European soccer action during the week. All my UEFA Champions league and Europa cup games. Thanks to technology and a few free daytime hours my sports appetite was fed.

There are still block tests to pass to get out of here so done study time had to be set aside. With good study his put in that has been a breeze so far.

There is an app airmen use on base called yik yak. It’s so interesting watching airmen say things they don’t have the willpower to go out and do. People will complain about their roommates behaviors but won’t tell them face to face and they are in the same room. Y generation at it’s best. The same goes for asking ladies out. They’ll compliment someone on the app instead of going out and saying in person.

It’s also the local Craiglist. Airmen buy stuff they don’t need with money they don’t have. Sooner or later they are broke and want to offload stuff for cheap to get some cash. I bought 2 pairs of brand new Converse shoes for 30 bucks. Who does that? Why buy them in the first place? I’m not complaining though. Others are about to ship to their first base and have too much weight to carry on the plane or even take with them. So there are a tonne of TVs, Xboxes, 200 dollar Nikes and Beats headphones..these I don’t get but hey everyone wants to have their Beats and then realizes they are not all that..All the while me and my Bose are having a great partnership.

It’s back to class for now, winter gear in hand..


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