Winter is coming

I’m still in training in th the middle of nowhere. I’m nearly getting done with this phase and then I’ll be on to my first posting. That should be interesting.

This place hasn’t been too bad. The town near the base is not too small. It has the necessities. I got to go off base last weekend and checked out the mall. Got cold gear while I was at it. Let’s just say winter is fast approaching and in this flat bare space around us, the winds are painfully cold. The cold gear on the other hand is quite expensive but it’s bc necessary if you don’t want to freeze.

When I’m off duty I minimize any outdoor activities. In uniform unfortunately we don’t have much of an option. We are out in the cold matching everyday at 0630hrs when it’s freezing cold. There are regulations as to what cold gear one can wear with in uniform. We can have gloves and beanies in addition to the issued gear. My face is a mess. It’s cold-burned by the wind. The days are much warmer though so that’s not too bad.

Luckily we have super fast internet in the dorms which we pay dearly for. I’m not complaining though as I’m able to watch live TV on my phone. I’ve found great apps which allow me to watch all the European soccer on the weekends. I’m watching Tottenham Vs Westham game live. Talk about keeping up with my favorite stuff. I’m still learning how the American football is played but at least I know a touchdown which is similar to a rugby try. College football is just as big as the NFL around here and I’m getting to know all the best teams. The Ohio State, Baylor and Alabamas.

It’s Thanksgiving week so we only have 3 days of classes then a 4 day weekend.  I’ll just remain on base and have my roast turkey in the DFAC hall or mess as other branches call it.

Have a warm week and be blessed.


2 thoughts on “Winter is coming

  1. Johhn

    Hello Guriix,

    I have a hard question.

    In Kenya you had an excellent job and progressive career. Are the academic qualifications and/or work experience obtained in Kenya not applicable in the US job market?

    From what I have observed, you either have to join the armed forces or go back to school in order to make some use of your life over there. Am I wrong?

    1. Guriix Post author

      The job market here is different. They want job experience from here. For education you do recertification of your papers to determine the equivalency of our education to theirs. Joining the military is just my preference, others go back to school and do nursing or other high paying professional related fields. I hope that answers your question.


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