Veteran’s Day

It’s Veteran’s day today. It’s a free day with no classes. We did a parade on Friday to honor those who’ve served before us.

The base I’m in right now is mainly a training base. There are thousands of trainees doing different courses here. We are all divided into squadrons which is the Airforce lowest grouping.

It’s a holiday and there is not much to do around here as it’s in the middle of nowhere and I don’t play computer games. X-box, PS3,4..that kinda stuff. It’s so big around bases I’ve been too that they have game shops in the BXs (Base Exchange) on base. My roommate plays so he’s on his computer most of the time.

Luckily they just installed some fast wi-fi so I’m online most of the time. There is ping pong, basketball, football but it’s getting chilly here. I don’t fancy being outdoors in 50,60 degree weather. I’m from Africa and that’s kinda chilly. Most people here are walking around in shorts and vests. Not me for sure.

We have exams all the time so even if it’s a holiday, my class has a study session later in the day. Not ideal but who wants to fail and get washed back (aka go back in time and wait for the next group taking your course to get to where you failed). Not funny.

We just got more freedoms this week. Since we’ve been here, we’ve had to be on uniforms at all times on duty and off duty hours. We can now wear civilian clothes but we have to earn it first by passing two room inspections and two open ranks. That’s uniform and personal grooming inspection in military speak. After that you get paper work signed off and are issued an ATP (Advanced Transition Phase) card which you must show when exiting the building in civilian attire. It also allows you to go off base during off duty hours and can consume alcohol.

I haven’t had a beer in over 3 months. I look forward to having one soon. After I pass my exam off course. It’s interesting what happens to young people after they get these freedoms. They go crazy. Get high, drink while under 21, drive while they are intoxicated and sexually assault other Airmen.

Woe unto to the unlucky ones who the military police of the Airforce, also known as Security Forces arrests..there is the military justice also known as Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) waiting for them. Punishments vary from reduction in rank, money taken out of paychecks for months, letter of counseling (LOC),letter of reprimand (LOR), confinement, and ultimately dishonorable discharge.

Such is the life here. Stupid decisions ruining people’s lives forever. It’s not that bad but some young and older people don’t take in seriously until they are in too deep in trouble.

I’m enjoying my time here and not so much the “death by PowerPoint” that we have to go through. It’s a phase though and it should be over soon.

Thank you to all those who served before us. We are here because of you.

Happy Veteran’s day.

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