Out of hibernation

I haven’t posted in a while now. I joined the US Airforce and was out for a couple of months. A different kind of disciplined living the military way. I made it in one piece. It wasn’t too bad. Not what I expected apart from all the screaming MTIs or Military Training Instructors.

We didn’t have phones for the duration of the training and only got 2 fifteen minute calls. They were timed and we all called at the same time. Imagine 50 guys all talking at the same time with a MTI reminding you of the time left. Not ideal but we lived to tell the stories.

We learnt to live with each other. Guys generally don’t have a problem with that but add the group showers, dorm setting for the 50 plus guys with some snoring and it gets pretty interesting.

Following orders comes naturally after the first few days. I will never forget how the on the first day the bus stopped in front of this building. A female MTI got in the bus and gave us 40 seconds to get off the bus. We took 50 plus seconds. She wasn’t impressed and made all of us get back on the bus for a “take 2”..44 of us managed to get off the bus with seconds to spare..we learnt about urgency the hard way.

The first week was a blur to say the least. Most of us to this day don’t remember what we did. We were what was called “zero weekers”, a term used to describe newly arrived trainees. We did everything funny, from marching awkwardly, wearing sneaker shoes with our uniform, looking confused everywhere we went and many grave errors which we quickly learnt was bad for our survival.

We had early morning starts and short nights. We were always tired. We ran, exercised six days a week, marched everywhere we went and always had to be with a “wingman”, another trainee whenever we went.

We are done now and are in follow on training across the country. We made lifelong friends from all over the world and will always remember the time of our lives in boot camp.

School is crazy but we have more freedoms now..and most importantly we have our phones back. We learnt we could survive just fine without them after a while.

I won’t be posting as much as I would love to. There are rules on stuff we can’t be posting out here. I represent a bigger organization than myself and I’m a reflection of the Airforce whether on duty or off duty. I’m glad I’m doing something I can call worthwhile with my life a year abd a half since I arrived in this great country called the US. I thank God for all the things I’ve been able to accomplish so far.

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