Unsolicited Credit Cards

America is a very interesting place. When I got here I was looking for a credit card to start building my credit score. No bank wanted to touch me. I was a high risk. No borrowing history and they all wanted a co-guarantor. One bank took a risk with me and I’m still with them today. Recently banks have been sending me open credit cards with very high limits. All they want is for me to sign some papers and voila I can start getting into debt. Luckily I never used credit cards all my life so no thank you. I’m fine with my debit card and a small limit credit card to build my credit history. I just open the mail, see the cards and promptly trash them..

9 thoughts on “Unsolicited Credit Cards

  1. Neet


    I am a avid reader of your blog and decided to make my first post.

    It’s nice for you to share you experiences with all of us. Keep us updated and best of luck.

      1. Neet

        Hi Guriix

        I am a selectee for DV 2016, and as I mentioned in my earlier comment here, your information is invaluable for all of us who are looking forward for a successful interview and life in the US of A.

        Please keep posting, and can I send you personal mails in case I have further questions about your journey?

  2. Brent Andrews

    Hi Gurix,

    I’m a DV winner in 2014 and have been successfully completed the interview in April 2015. My question is I’ll be visiting the US in late June to trigger my green card and I’m wondering which banks you approached to open an account. Can you make a recommendation? Great blog BTW

    1. Guriix Post author

      Thank you..I initially approached Chase Bank but they don’t offer.credit cards to people without credit history..I approached Capital One who offered me one. So I’d suggest Capital One for an account then when you get a job you can apply for a credit card..hope this is helpful.

      1. Neet

        Gurixx, you mentioned in one of your posts that you have a debit card (or secured credit card, I am not sure).

        Does this Capital One card report to the major credit bureaus?

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