West Coast was a blast

I’m back in Houston and still on recovery mode. My girlfriend and I covered 5600 miles (8960 Kilometers), 8 states, over a dozen big towns and priceless memories. I would do it again in a jiffy. The car performed as expected. No problems at all save for leaking steering fluid. We even got snow up in Oregon. On the way back I got to encounter my first traffic stop by a Sheriff in Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona. It went well. He gave me a written warning and that was it. It doesn’t go into my records or anything. He checked trunk (boot) for drugs. Not that I had any but I guess it’s a drug route from Mexico. Our longest day was from Austin, Texas to Tuscon, Arizona (892 miles/1427kilometers) in over 13 hours. The shortest day was from San Jose/Silicon Valley to San Francisco (52miles/83kilometers) in slightly over an hour. Getting out of Texas was the biggest challenge. It’s so huge and takes hours and hours to cross into neighboring states. California has so much to do, we’ll go back sometime and explore it some more. I enjoy driving so that wasn’t a problem. There are hotels and gas stations all over routes we took. The Audi has a 16.4 Gallon/62.2Liter tank which can comfortably cover over 400miles/640kilometers. There was no time we had a risk of running out of gas. I’ll post the pictures once I sort them out. But for now I’m too tired to do much.

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