Filling taxes..and USAF matters

I’m going for an interview later today, will see how that goes. There are so many jobs available online but you fill out tens and maybe just maybe get a couple of replies. That’s just the way it is. It’s expected when you are looking for a job.

I decided a couple of weeks ago to look for a home church. I’d neglected my spiritual needs for a minute and needed to get back on track. Working the night shift didn’t help much on that end. I got back from work tired and all I wanted to see was my bed. So I made a decision, if I didn’t make any effort nothing would change.

One morning after work I googled an Episcopal church in Houston. That’s what they call the Anglican church or Church of England. I got a few locations. Chose one that wasn’t too far from where I live and voila. I entered the address on my phone..see why I had to get a smart phone. In 20 minutes I was sitting in church and an early service was about to begin. I was proud of myself.

After the service, a lady and a gentleman approached and welcomed me to the church. Invited me for coffee and cookies, an after church meeting studying the books of the bible and I was sold. I felt welcome and accepted.

I’ve been going ever since.

I decided to reach out to my new friend in church and see what ideas he has about getting something to do while am waiting for the furlough to end. We made an appointment. Time is money my friend in this country and you have to set up time to meet. We had a breakfast meeting this morning.

Building a network is important in this country and I’m doing exactly that. And also going out of my comfort zone to make things happen. So far so good.

He had very good advise for me being a new comer to this country. He also advised me to file my taxes for free online on TurboTax or H&R Block. That is exactly what I did after I got home. My employment agency had already sent me a W2 . I used that and the online tool and I expect about $1200 back as tax refund. Not bad for me having working under 4 months last year. The deadline for filing is April 15 of every year. There is a joke in the US that goes, “there are 2 things that will happen in life, you will die and you will pay taxes”. I’m glad I’ve got that out of the way.

Off to a job interview. Hope something comes out of that. Wish me luck.


Swearing in ceremony at the US Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) in downtown Houston.

In other news, I’m now a member of the US Air Force. I’m an Airman. Will see, might write about that here someday..Sir Yes Sir 🙂 🙂 Representing my Kenyan hometown Gilgil (Home of the Kenyan Special Forces and 20th Parachute Battalion) to the fullest. Once a soldier boy always a soldier. 🙂 🙂

20 Para 1

Kenya Defence Forces 20th Para Battalion Green berets on a US training trip with the US Army. Photo courtesy of


Gilgil based 20th Para Battalion Green Berets. Photo Courtesy

I am blessed and grateful to God for everything he’s done for me so far. Thank you to everyone who prays for me out there.

UPDATE: I got the job, pending as always the outcome of a drug test. Will see how that goes.

7 thoughts on “Filling taxes..and USAF matters

  1. francis

    Congratulations on becoming an airman!
    so your passion of flying planes is coming to a bright clear horizon.
    continue with your updates as always.


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