More furlough

I’m on furlough again. There isn’t much work where I work and so we’ve been told to return in 2 months. 2 months..It’s a long time. I’m looking for something else to do until then. It’s an adjustment of sorts. I’ve gotten used to working at nights and now here I am having all the time in the world. My sleeping pattern is messed up. I’m used to sleeping in the afternoon and waking up just before 9. A few days and I should adjust. Bills bills bills..I have enough to take me through the furlough. Thank God I don’t have any debts to take care of. My car is paid off, utilities are not too bad either. I got the credit card. I’m currently using it and hopefully I’ll build credit as time goes. It only has a $300 limit which is not much but it can be the start of accumulating debt if you don’t watch it. I used about $200. Guess what. The credit company doesn’t mind me paying just $25..I was tempted to laugh. I’m paying it all. No minimums.

Will see what I’ll be doing for the next 8 weeks or so.

Winter is not over yet..It hit low 30s yesterday here in Houston. I’d nearly forgotten it was winter. It’s been warm and nice. I hope it won’t last for long.


8 thoughts on “More furlough

  1. african97

    The mobility rate in America is much higher than in Africa. Most of the time the reason why we move from place to another is just because of wars or some sort of conflict. Otherwise, we just stick around where we live. So, culturally, we are not used to go from one place to another. On the other hand, there is a lot of barriers among African countries in terms of border crossing. Just an example, I live in Angola and it seems like a nightmare just to go to Niger by plane, let alone some other means of transport. So, what I mean is that we kinda like to stick around either because of cultural issues or some other issues.

    1. Guriix Post author

      I hear you, I’m grateful they don’t have all that border stuff here. For someone coming from Africa weather is an issue when choosing where to move to. Southern states are much warmer. I’ll move around but head back to my base which for his is Texas. It might change in the near future though. Thanks for checking in here.

    1. Guriix Post author

      To be honest self employment is not easy here. Not that it can’t be done but you just need to research a lot on what you want to do. I’m not ready for that yet.


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