ATL was fun..

I got back to Houston on Sunday night in time for superbowl’s last 2 crazy minutes where Seahawks lead was overturned and things went south fast for them.

The last time I wrote I was in Jacksonville, Florida. Spent a night there and early the next morning I hit the road headed north. I passed through Savannah, Georgia then entered South Carolina. It wasn’t far 3 hours.

I headed west for a while towards Columbia then north. I was aiming for North Carolina. South Carolina was the first hilly state I was encountering since I started my road trip. The scenery was beautiful and I was lucky there was no snow.

I made it to Charlotte, North Carolina in good time. I have to say the state line between the two was really in the Charlotte suburbs. Very near to the city. Reminded me of Kansas, Kansas and Kansas, Missouri.

I drove through the city and started my drive down towards Atlanta.there was a lit of descending. The Audi was flying through the downhills.

In about 3 hours I was in Atlanta. But I spent another hour before I got to my destination in Marrieta. The traffic in Atlanta is crazy everywhere especially in the evenings.

Got lost for a while near the apartments I was going to. Nothing major, just 20 minutes of going round in circles not seeing the entrance even as the GPS showed I’d arrived at my destination.

My friend and former colleague was waiting for me. We hang out and went mall surfing and just hang out.

Surprise surprise, they had Kenyan beer at the local liquor store for $2.29 a bottle. That was really cool to see. There are very many Kenyans in the Atlanta area so that made sense.

I was so tired from all the driving and all I wanted to see was a bed.

Saturday was an easy relaxed day. Kinda chilly though. I managed to buy a tire. I had slow puncture that couldn’t be repaired. That was the first problem with the Audi on the long trip.

I managed to see my cyclists’ hero’s brother an hour away from Atlanta. Thanks Dan. We didn’t know each other personally but his bro helped me allot when I was cycling back in Kenya.

We went out to an Kenyan club in the Marrieta area for a short while. It was fun. I could not stay for long though as I had an early morning start the next day.

I was on the road 6 am on Sunday morning ready for the 800 miles run to Houston. I headed west towards Birmingham, Alabama then onto Jackson, Mississippi. I hit Shreveport, Louisiana early evening. By the time darkness fell I was 60 miles from home. Not too bad. I had been on the road for 13 hours, many monster energy drinks later.

Then I realized I didn’t have lights..Damn.I had to hold the high beam lever for 20 miles before I could find a gas station to try fix the situation. My fuses were ok. I taped my lights and drove with high beam all the way home.

All in all it was a great trip. I covered 2300 miles or 3600 kilometers. I will do this again more often.

I’m still tired from the trip. I took a risk driving my car all the way. It was well worth the risk. I did it alone, it can be done but you need to rest frequently along the trip.

Back to work now after resting.

Thanksto my friends in Atl for the trip memorable.

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