The Road Trip continues..

I’ll be testing my head tonight in Jacksonville, Florida. It’s been a very long day of driving. I did 650 miles or slightly over a thousand kilometers. I was up at 5:30 and out of the hotel by 6. I drove for 12 hours straight. I refueled thrice. My Audi is something 27 miles to a gallon. Not too bad for an old car.

My first stop was Baton Rouge, I then headed down to New Orleans. It’s next to the ocean and the roads are suspended over swamps, very cool engineering to see. The sunrise was beautiful to watch.

Next I headed East to Mobile, Alabama. To be honest there was nothing much to see through Alabama. The roads were not that great either. I crossed into Mississippi and it was a beautiful scenery driving along the coast line.

I didn’t go through any major town in Mississippi but I enjoyed my drive through the state.

I crossed into Florida in the afternoon and boy oh boy, isn’t this state expansive. I wish I could get to Miami but I wouldn’t be able to make it back to Houston in time.

I’ve driven all the way to the end of I-10 East. There is a lot of farming all through the state that I’ve seen. There is cattle being reared along the way.

I drove into a hotel this evening and got a room for $46. That’s one thing I’m loving about this country, I just drive and when I’m tired I just pull over into a hotel and voila I’m sorted.

Will look where I’ll be headed tomorrow but I want to be in Atlanta tomorrow evening or Saturday morning. Will see where I’ll be headed.

I’m beat but it’s totally worth it. Would have been better if we were two but it’s fine. I’ll be doing this more often.

Goodnight from sunny Florida. Will post some pictures when I get back to Houston Inshallah (God willing).

One thought on “The Road Trip continues..

  1. Njeege Thegere

    Good Safari. Will have the N/Orleans road snaps, thank u v. Much Man, you make really want to get that visa. still waiting for 2nl since July. Kindly continue with with this inspiring updates in your blog


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