Road trip Eastbound..

I’m chilling in a hotel in Lafayette, Louisiana. I got here an hour ago. How did I get here?

I’m on a road trip headed to Atlanta. There was a furlough at work. Meaning there isn’t enough work for us to come in. We were given 5 days off. Unpaid of course. So I planned an out of town trip. My Congolese colleague had planned to go to the Belgian Consulate in Atlanta for an interview and we were to hire and a car and drive down. That fell through but I couldn’t sit around for 5 days. I haven’t gone through the process of hiring a car yet and didn’t feel like starting today. I decided to bring Jebet aka Audi A4 on this cross country trip and so far she’s doing good.

I came home in the morning, had a few hours of sleep, woke up expecting to hear my friend had already gotten a car and we were ready to hit the road..he gave me the bad news. He couldn’t make it. Complications with his visa application or something. I made my mind to drive out solo mode.

Checked out Jebet, packed and passed by the parts store to top up the oil level and 2pm found me on the road headed East. I didn’t have a destination in mind but knew I’d retire when darkness fell. Sunset found me on the middle of nowhere. I decided to drive to the nearest town, saw a cheap motel and checked in. $56 for the night isn’t too bad. I hit the road early morning to an unknown destination.

This is one of the reasons I moved here to the states. I can drive in any direction and I’ll end up somewhere. I love that about this country.

On to the next destination..where Jebet will take me. I’m blessed and I’m loving this journey into the unknown.

I’m typing this on the phone in my hotel room so if there are typos please understand..

Out..from Lafayette. Pronounced Lai fai eht..not the Kenyan way Lafayet. 😄

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