Car Insurance Situation

So the Insurance company had written a couple of times and I kinda ignored the contents. They had requested me to furnish them with details about the state where my driving license was issued and my previous insurer. Let me go back a couple of months back. I applied for my insurance online and got a quote of $47 for liability cover or 3rd party cover as we call it back in Kenya. They asked if I had previous driving experience and of course I had…but..but it was experience abroad.

You basically have an insurance cover for every six months then renew the cover.

Something about this country. They mainly recognize US experience. Experience abroad takes some documentation to prove. I get a mail this week informing me that my monthly premiums have gone up to $74. To say I was shocked is an understatement. So I call them in panic and they basically give me two options. Provide them with my driving records from Kenya showing I’ve not been involved in an accident or start paying the $74 effective next month. Driving records from Kenya? Like really? I doubt we have those to start with. I googled them and the only response I got was from the Kenya Revenue Authority stating where you can get a log book from (title).

I resigned myself to paying the $74 for the next 3 months until my six months expires.

I get to work and mention it to my colleagues. They immediately mention that I don’t have to remain with the same insurance company for the remaining months. I can move anytime I wish and it’s okay.

The following day I drove around and walked into a different Insurance company. Guess what I got a quote for $54. I left, called my old company and cancelled my cover. They will refund me $30 for the remaining days, they’ll debit it as soon..what? Just like that? Only in America I tell you. I called the new company and gave them the go ahead to get me a new cover. Drove back to their offices and picked up my temporary documents to carry with me in the car.

So now I’ll be paying $54 for my insurance. Will wait to see how that goes.

This system is not easy to negotiate but I’m doing it step by step.

My permanent plates arrived shortly after I’d picked my temporary ones. I had to drive across town the following day to pick them and return the temporary ones. I fixed them immediately but could not use the freeway as my EZTAG (computer chip that deducts money every time I pass through tolls) was registered with the old temporary plates..See how complicated it is just about the plates. It came with a registration sticker valid for a year that I had to stick on the windshield..maaaan. The title or log book will be sent through mail in the next two months. There is already a problem. The address is different as I recently moved. I hope US Postal Service will deliver the title to my new address.

I contacted the highway toll people to change my plates so I don’t get fined on the highway next time I drive through them.

It hasn’t been easy following up on those plates and the title but my gut feeling was right about the dealer. I thought he was legit. He finally came through for me. I was increasingly getting frustrated about it.

One down, many more to go as I settle down here. It’s quite a journey I tell you.

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