Cold in Houston

It’s officially winter in H town. Temperatures have been hovering just above 0 degree celsius. It hasn’t snowed yet and it might not at all but it has gone below zero a couple of times.-4C is the coldest it’s been. Add wind chill and some times they have this ‘feels like’ thing and it becomes -10C or more. Neighboring cities like Austin and San Antonio had ice warnings this last weekend. Texas gets cold, don’t be fooled.

Woe unto you if your car doesn’t have heating. You are in for tough times. In comparison with the rest of America we are fine..too warm even some might say but for me having landed recently it’s freezing conditions.

My heat in Jebet as I call the Audi was fixed just in time, before the chill checked in. I went shopping for warm clothes too. They’ve cost me quite a tidy amount by the way. I have gloves with me at all times.

It’s been raining a lot too..all the time I might add and all day long. No more cycling for a while.

We moved last week from the apartment to a home. The process of moving sucks. Add the chilly conditions and it’s not fun at all. Luckily for America you just walk in to U-Haul(moving truck specialists),give your credit card details and they hand you keys to a moving truck. Depending on the stuff you are moving you can get a small,medium or big truck. You can also get a small trailer and tow your vehicle too if you are moving and don’t have or want to drive 2 vehicles. You pay a daily rate in addition to miles driven and fuel to the level you picked the truck in..easy peezy I tell you.

I now have to commute longer to and from work. No worries, I’ve adjusted my timings now.

No more cable TV. I got an aerial and with a 50 mile radius and voila I have over 70 free high definition channels on my telly. I guess this is the digital migration that everyone in my country Kenya is fighting’s awesome man.

Frustration of the week. I exhausted my data bundle of 1GB 4G LTE from at&t. They sent me a text that they would automatically top up my account with 500MB of data for $20. Yaani I have no choice in this matter. Do that,use Wi-Fi or turn off data my best billing month when I get my 1GB of data. And guess what they give you an option of upgrading to another plan guessed it.more money. So now am on a 65$(3GB of 4G LTR) plan up from 43$..the 43$ plus taxes and other miscellaneous charges comes to 51$..I don’t know how much I’ll pay for the new plan..Telco’s rip you off here. Anyway I can’t live without internet so will just have to pay.

In other news I can type a blog post from the HTC..good stuffs as my girlfriend would say.

Got a phone holder that sticks to the windshield and I can now use the Google maps GPS to cruise to uncharted territories..hehe 😜..

Jebet still has temporary plates. The title change is taking ages man.. they expire today so have to drive across town to pick new ones.

So far life is good..I am blessed.

Working on something..if it goes through I might write about it here. Keeping fingers crossed.

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