Building Credit

I’ve been operation on T-Mobile since I got here under my friend’s account. Family plan they call it.

My HTC 510 arrived from Amazon ($160) after a few false starts with the same Amazon. I got a phone that I didn’t like and promptly shipped it back and they refunded me my money. Only in America I tell you.


HTC Desire 510 Unlocked

I got a ‘fake leather’ cover from Amazon. They advertised it as a leather pouch. My “Americaness” kicked in and I wrote back to the seller bitterly complaining that they had shipped the wrong product. They promptly replied that I could “return to sender” and get my money back minus shipping fees. I wrote back and informed them I’d taken photos of the “leather” pouch and would use them accordingly when rating their services. They refunded all my money plus shipping fees for deliberately misrepresenting their product..anyway that is besides the point.

Today I talked to my friend and he suggested I check out other mobile phone providers and decide. T-Mobile had $50 single plans giving me unlimited talk and sms and 1GB of complimentary 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) (don’t ask me what it means 🙂 data. They downgrade to 3G after you exhaust the 1GB. I needed to talk to my host to ‘release’ me from his account and then call a number and they would advise accordingly.

Next I went to AT&T, those guys are like hawkers back home in Kenya. They don’t give you time to breathe. The moment I walked into their shop there were at least 3 sales representatives asking me what I needed. I asked the necessary questions, produced my work ID which gave me a 25% discount. 1GB of 4G LTE, unlimited talk and text, free unlimited texts worldwide, free calls to ‘Canadian cities near the US border’ for $45 and I was sold.

I don’t watch too many videos or stream music online so 1GB of 4G LTE is enough for me. I’m fine with 3G after that until I get my next G of 4G LTE.

Next was the process of migrating. I needed to provide my host’s account number from T-Mobile, His name, my previous number if I wished to use the same number. Picture ID, in this case a Texas driver’s license and my social security number. They ran a background credit check and was non-existent..I haven’t had any credit since I got here. So I had to put a refundable down payment of $500. I will get it back in 6 months if I pay my monthly bills. Add my 25% discount and I saved roughly $12..$33..add tax and it came to about $40 a month. I’ll have a bill with my name and I’ll build credit slowly. Not too bad everything considered.

I’m grateful to my host for taking me under his T-Mobile wing until I could stand on my own..Blessings.

Lesson learn’t. It costs money to get credit. It takes time to build credit. Will see how it goes as I get settled into this system. I haven’t decided yet but I just might apply for a secured credit card to build credit with.

One thought on “Building Credit

  1. AskMe

    Great Blog! very helpful to new comer to US. Banking is really surprising and nightmare if you don’t know how to handle them….thanks bro, keep it up….


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