New Year in a foreign country

Happy new year.

I made it to 2015. I was at a party with many other Kenyans in Missouri City, Texas. A chilly night with a bonfire to boot having juicy roast goat ribs and having a good time. It’s what I’d wished for. Better than expected. I initially thought I’d be working on holidays but luckily that has not been the case. It’s just unpaid days. I don’t mind that at all.

The only difference in America is that you must have a designated driver to take you home after having a merry time. The law is the law. No drink driving or you’ll be met by the full force of the law. There was alcohol but you could tell that everyone was thinking of how they’d get home.

Everyone brings a dish. Your food of choice and the host makes some more. There were Kenyan delicacies. Traditional greens made with milk, mashed potatoes with beans and corn or maize as we call it, Chapatis (what do you call the doughwy wheat flat bread? 🙂 ), Kachumbari (Salsa).

I was the designated driver so 2 Heinnekens is all I could partake of.

Kenyan parents would have a heart attack seeing kids shooting hoops outside at midnight on New years but the kids here are so used to it that it’s not a big deal. They are just warmly dressed. No loud music unless you have enough distance between yourself and the nearest neighbor or else cops will be called for noise pollution.

Made it home at 4 in the morning smelling of smoke from the bonfire. Reminds me of rural Kenya.

Will see what the new year brings. For now I have 2 days to rest before resuming work.

I’m blessed to have the family away from family here in Houston.

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