Buying a car

I bought a car recently. I’m mobile now which is a good thing in this city. You can’t survive without a car. I got a 1998 Audi A4 2.8. It’s manual transmission. It’s in OK condition. It needs work but the best thing for me is that I bought it cash. I don’t want to get into car debt. I’ll spend money on it to get it into top shape but I don’t mind that.

The next thing is to have the title in my name. The dealer is arranging that and in a few days I should have my Texas plates but it costs money to do that. I didn’t know that. Now I know.

Insurance is a requirement. I went online and somehow managed to get $48 Geico insurance. The minimum required by the state. It’s for 6 months then I’ll have to renew. Convenience at it’s best.

Gas or petrol is cheap currently. I fueled the other day for $2.37 per gallon which is not bad at all. I saw $2.34 this morning so that’s a good thing. I’m not complaining on that front at all.

I’ve had to get an EZ Tag which is a prepaid chip on the windshield that saves you time on tollways. I’ve paid cash the last few times I’ve used the freeway and it was tiring to say the least. The queues can be crazy at times. So I’m glad that is sorted.

The crazy thing in America or this city is that I have schedule an oil change or wheel alignment. I can’t just drive to my mechanic’s place like I used to in Kenya.

I got my car on Houston, I also checked One of my friends is a dealer here in Houston and he took to the auction lot to see what they had. Nearly a thousand cars repossessed by financial institutions for non payment of sorts. They didn’t have many imports (Non American) that I was interested in. I was looking for a VW Golf. I didn’t get any all over. The ones available were too expensive for my starter budget. It is surprising the number of Toyota Camry’s on the roads here. Used ones are very affordable too.

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