Daylight Saving Time..

Last night at some point clocks were adjust an hour back or ‘Fell‘ back an hour. So when I woke up today, it seemed time wasn’t moving  or had stopped somewhere. It is interesting as it has been getting darker early the last couple of days.

Today on the other hand it was dark outside and it was only a few minutes to six in the comes daylight savings.

Apparently it’s supposed to save the energy in lighting up residential areas, extend retail business hours, as it induces customers to shop and to participate in outdoor afternoon sports, reduction in traffic fatalities (how now?) and other reasons that don’t make a lot of sense to me.

This a big change having grown all you life knowing the same time applies in your country all year round. It’ll take some getting used to. When you were born and raised in Africa this is one of those things that won’t make sense but hey just get with the program already and do it.

Today was quite chilly indoors and still as hot outside. There is a chilly breeze blowing but other than that you don’t notice much change here.

There is a 9 hour time difference to Nairobi, my capital city. I have to adjust from the 8 hour time difference before.

Working the night shift also means my weekend starts late but my week starts late..No Monday morning blues for me for now.

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