Applying for a job

I’ve spent the last week applying for jobs online. Having internet connection is an absolute necessity. Most households have them anyway via the cable connections. I’ve had to redo my resume to match what employers are looking for here in Houston. Most of my experience and education from Africa does not account for much to American employers. It has been a delicate balance to show employers you can do the job at hand.

There are very many Manufacturing, Chemical industries, Gas companies, Shipping and Logistics, Oil drilling, Oil pipeline, Customer service, Hospitality, IT, Health care, Warehouse jobs available in and around Houston

Most of the jobs I’ve applied for are through employment agencies. You upload your resume online and fill out lots of details including but not limited to if you are legally employable in the US, Will you need visa sponsorship in the future, Do you have a valid driving license, Have you ever been in the military (Apparently Military Veterans are given preferential treatment when applying for jobs), Are you willing to travel for some jobs and for what percentages of travel you are willing to do, Are you disabled..etc

Having contacts in different organizations is very helpful as you get to know which job openings are available and through which agencies to apply from.

I’m looking forward to hearing back from the recruiters. One got back and asked for lots of information which I provided. I’m hoping to hear something from that end.

It is an interesting and confusing journey at times but with my host at hand to assist when I get stuck, all is moving well. I can’t complain about the journey so far.

3 thoughts on “Applying for a job

  1. ingwe

    Vipi Guriix .I am in South west Houston. Am three week old here .Please get me those agency contacts.I need real


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