Random Observations

I’ve been practicing driving on the roads here this past week. The roads are confusing and people don’t keep to those advertised speed limits. I drove into downtown Houston today for the Greek festival and my oh my, it was scary doing 60-70 mph on the freeway with construction ongoing. This means the lanes are narrower than normal and on several occasions I crossed over lane dividers. Nothing serious but when you feel the tires rumbling from hitting the lane dividers on a 4 lane road it’s a bit scary.


The interchanges with all the I-45 South, North, I-610 East, West are so confusing for me. I hope with time and a GPS i’ll be good to go. There were very many potholes on the side roads we used today to get to the festival. At least I’m used to dodging those.

I learn’t from my pal that I cannot be wearing my ‘Cuba’ tshirt in America, So I’ve retired it permanently. It’s not cool and I just might get trouble with it. I wore it a couple of times to the mall and other places but he hadn’t noticed. It is a big deal because of the relationship between US and Cuba.

The food here is different. My weight is changing upwards. I don’t eat out save for the occasional pizza, cook Ugali and other foods, run, cycle, exercise. That hasn’t stopped the weight gain. My conclusion is that regardless of what you do, the body will take time to get used to the food here.


I went to the Greek festival today, it was packed, had great food, beer, music.They had lots of beef, tacos, lamb with strange names like Solivlaki. I noticed there weren’t very many black people there and people gave us the ‘look’. I can’t explain it but it was more like ‘what are you guys doing here’ kind of vibe. Interesting.


The festival was in downtown with no parking, so they had instructions to drive to a school parking 15 minutes away and they had shuttle buses to take guys to the festival. Very organized. After we were done they had shuttles to take you back. Will check out the festivals more often. They even had mobile ATMs, how cool is that?


I’m forever grateful to my host for opening up his house for me. I don’t take that for granted. It’s a very different environment, new systems, different food and people. I’m blessed to have him as my mentor as I start over here.God bless him.


I’m applying for jobs through the employment agencies this week. Will see how that goes. It’s quite a process.

IMG_1001Little pieces of the jigsaw are falling into place. A day at a time is my motto.

IMG_1002The Diversity Visa 2016 Program is open through the month. I’m living proof that that stuff works. What started as a joke has turned into a new life thousands of miles from home. Never thought it’d happen to me but here I am starting afresh. Try it out just for the sake of it, you never know. Here

2 thoughts on “Random Observations

  1. Pose

    Guriix i love reading your posts.It gives me an idea of what to expect for myself when I do come there and it strikes me you got a good host. Thank God for that. I do have a request though if you don’t mind,if you can blog and just give us your thought process of leaving your job here, which I assume was quite adventurous going by your posts,and paying you enough assumedly. For me I would want to read about that as well if you would not mind sharing that as well

    1. Guriix Post author

      Hi Pose, Thanks for following my journey. Much appreciated. Let me gather my thoughts on what you said and I’ll write something soon. When do you make the move and where are you headed?


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