Paperwork is here


I have all my paperwork in place now..It was quite a surprise actually. I had been on the phone with USCIS the whole week following up on the progress of my package. I had corrected my address and they said once my package is received by them, they’d resend it to the correct address. This would take a minimum of 2 weeks.


I checked the USCIS website on September 11 and it indicated my package had been returned to the originating facility. They provided the same US Postal Service tracking number from before in the same update. When I checked the USPS tracker thing, surprise surprise..“Your item was delivered at 5.00pm on September 11 2014 in Houston, TX, *****” Huh, that was confusing. USCIS indicated they had the package but USPS indicated they had delivered it. I checked the mail box and voila..It was there.


I’m glad that ended well and I didn’t have to wait for 2 weeks. Lesson learn’t: Double check your full address as you come in at CBP (Customs & Border Protection), it can mess up you life here.


I don’t have a license or a job yet..but everything is looking up. Patience..patience.Grateful to the Most High for bringing me this far..Asante. Blessings.

7 thoughts on “Paperwork is here

  1. Cathy M

    Hi guriixus, glad everything has started falling in place. Small correction on your statement about weather bringing the k.q plane down at doula…. It was purely pilot error, arrogant and condescending captain and a very quiet first officer…. Bad combination!!!

  2. KuiwaNjuguna

    Yay! Finally! That last paragraph – we are in the same boat but like you said all that’s required is patience and realizing how far one has come thus not complaining about where you could be.


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