Loong wait ahead..

I’m disappointed with myself this week..a bit low. I was expecting my paperwork mid last week but guess what. I gave the wrong ZIP code (those 5 post office digits) when i came through at the airport, a few digits off. This delays everything..driving, getting a job. I’ve been here 6 weeks now..on chill mode. I can’t wait to get on with life. So the USCIS (Immigration) gave me a USPS (US Postal Service) tracking number. I was excited and it took 2 days to get here and then..SHOCK. Your item was returned to the sender on August 26, 2014 at 10:08 am in HOUSTON, TX ***** because the addressee moved and left no forwarding address. WOW..now the process of following up on this package has been hectic to say the least.

I called the sorting post office, they said they were going to forward it to the correct post office. I checked a day later and they didn’t have it. I called USCIS to correct my address. My, my..they had a waiting time of 63 minutes..haha!! 63 minutes..Luckily they give you the option of a call back. In short i have to wait for 10 days. hopefully USPS will have shipped back my papers to USCIS who’ll then ship them back to the correct address..sigh.so frustrating i tell you. All i can do now is wait, wait and keep myself busy exercising to avoid my worst fear..weight gain.

Will see how that goes. hopefully it ends well.

3 thoughts on “Loong wait ahead..

  1. Jo

    A line for you from one great author I know – “Only good lies before me”. Say this and all will be well. Best wishes dear!


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