Observations Pt 1

It’s kinda hot down here..95, 93, 90 Fahrenheit most of the time..that is 35,33,32 degrees celsius for us from British-standards-of-education. I looked up the formula for converting F to C and found this. You subtract 32 then divide by 1.8..Daamn. Feels like going back to Maths class. Anywho it doesn’t feel as hot as Kakuma in Kenya or Nd’jamena in Chad or New York during summer..Those are my SI units for how hot it feels.

What have i observed so far in America..sorry Houston. America is big. You can go for lunch in pajamas. Yesterday i saw a mother and daughter in pajamas at Chili’s..wait for it..at 1300hrs. how now?? They were ahead of us as we waited to be sat at the restaurant. Random stuff i tell you.

In the apartment (we call them flats, except in Kile and Kilimani) complex I’m in I have seen no less that 7 dogs being walked at all times of the day. They are all on a leash however small. In Nairobi you don’t see much of that except in middle and upmarket burbs. I haven’t seen them poop on their walks. Will keep an eye to see what their owners do in such instances..:)



They had tablets on all all tables at the restaurant yesterday..Not I-pad but some tablets that you could re-order drinks on, play games and pay your tab (including a tip slide meter for percentages)..interesting stuff. Kids have to be taken care of that’s why they have the game apps in those things..No swings or jumping castles we have in Kenya.


The tablet ‘Ziosk”

Oh and the tablet could split the check (bill in Kenyanese). Another word i have to get familiar with. It’s a big deal. Splitting checks (going dutch) is normal. It is expected unless stated otherwise. I have to carry my own money even if someone asks to take me out for a meal or drink unless explicitly stated “I’m buying you lunch” or something..learning as I go along.

And as soon as you are done having your meal they bring the bill chap chap..like pay and get out of there.. I asked why they seemed to be chasing peeps away and I was told the waiters’ portion of their salaries comes from tips. The more you sit there Java-style (Kenya coffee cafe) the less money the waiters will make from potential new customers who see the restaurant full because of you are just chilling there..

My PIN from the government is here, so life should be picking up soon. I can finally do the driving exam, apply for jobs, open a bank account..So far so good, no crazy culture shock yet..

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