It’s complicated

I’m just chilling, like I’m on holiday..actually I am on vacation until further notice. Whenever further notice will end I have no idea. I can’t do much here for now. I don’t have the documents to function in this country. It’s complicated I tell you. I don’t know when the government will send that crucial document/s my way. This PIN kinda document is so important in this place that without it, I can’t do jerk..and am not doing jerk by the way.

Where do i phone SIM card. Normally I walk into a Safaricom (My country’s mobile provider) shop and walk out with a functioning phone fully loaded with data, name it. It’s taken me nearly a week to get a SIM card in America. You may ask why. Again it’s complicated. I can’t just walk into AT$T shop and walk out with a line as a foreigner..Actually i can get a pre-paid line but it’s expensive and not as easy as it sounds to get. So last week my host and I went to T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon to compare the cost of different “plans”. A plan is kind of a monthly contract where you get a certain number of minutes, text, data and pay for it at the end of the month. We were looking at family plans meaning more than one line for a household.

We settled on T-Mobile’s family plan. It costs $50 for the 1st line and $30 for the second line..I know, right..complications nazo. So my pal has 3GB of data and I have 1GB of data for 30 days in addition to unlimited calls and texts..wait for it..within America. To text abroad or call abroad, it’s another story. Haven’t figured that out. I was asked to chose an area code..hmm..remember that Ludacris ‘Area code’ song..yea, It came rushing back. I choose an area code ‘832’ and I was included in my friends’ plan. I couldn’t do it on my own because I don’t have a credit history..that’s a story for another day. I finally got a line but it felt like getting a loan from a Kenyan bank. Such a hussle i tell you.

I’ve been driving in Kenya but I have to do a written test here. I just finished going through a 90 page Texas Driver’s handbook. I’ll then do a written test after which i’ll get a learner’s permit which i have to use when driving accompanied by a Texas licensed driver at all times for a couple of months before I can do a practical driving test then and only then after I pass can i be issued with a Texas driving license..woosa woosa 🙂

Anywho internet is fast and I’m catching up on all those TV series I’d lost track of..Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy et al on Netflix. good stuff.

Taking it all in my stride people..I now have to do all the stuff my friends did when they moved here permanently and not be a tourist as I’ve done on my previous US visits.

Vacation is on..gotta watch my weight though..these foods..


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