The journey into +1..


Coming in to land at Heathrow

I arrived safely in America. It was a long journey broken into two. I transited through Heathrow Airport on British Airways. 8 and a half hours from Nairobi into London, 4 hours transit time and then 9 and a half hours to Houston Texas. I got to spend time with a woman i really like before i left Nairobi and that helped with the nerves on both legs of the journey. I hope to see her soon 🙂  (This moving life sucks).. I slept most of the time on both legs of the journey.


Nice view of a B747 as we get parked at our gate..

London Heathrow is a crazy airport to transit through especially when you have a short transit period. Luckily I didn’t have to change terminals. My flights into and out of terminal 5 were without drama.


The madness that is Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport in London


Arrived in Houston on time. Went through immigration after a 45 minute wait..THEN. waited for 3 hours to be processed by CBP (Customs and Border Protection) officers. It was madness to say the least. Just sitting there in a room with others guys from around the world. Mainly South Americans, Chinese and Middle Eastern peeps waiting to process their student, internship and residency permits. They had only 2 officers processing over 50 people. Lessons in patience were handed out freely by those CBP officers. No phones were allowed in that office. Some Mexicans’ phone was confiscated for ignoring the “No phones allowed” warning. Had fingerprints taken at some point the old school Kenyan CID way with black ink on a board. I landed at 1430hrs and left the airport at 1830hrs. My host had waited and waited. Luckily for me my Safaricom (Kenyan line) was roaming with T-Mobile and I was able to communicate and inform my host of my predicament. It would have been much worse not knowing what was going on.


View of Terminal 5

George Bush International Airport (IAH) is a massive airport serving as the main hub for United Airlines. After my long wait, i found bags at the British Airways carousel..They’d been sitting there for hours and i was worried I might not find them, but they are efficient..Exit carousel and I’d forgotten the Exit control procedure..there were at least a thousand people waiting to clear with customs..more madness. Luckily they were fast in in 15 minutes i was out. My host was patiently waiting for me all this time.


My ride from Heathrow to Houston..B747-400


It’s been a while since i was in America and they traffic and freeways are something else. We went to seafood restaurant and what do you know. Had to wait for 35 minutes to be get a table. Welcome to America Guriix. Food came fast but shock on me as i ordered a rum and coke. I was met with a ” Can I see some ID?” I nearly laughed but the waiter was serious. Had to show my passport to prove I’m of legal age to partake of an alcoholic beverage. It’s not the first time I’m showing my passport as proof of age in America but this was so soon after arrival.


Great view of take-offs from the boarding gate..


I have lots of adjustments to make as I adjust to this life..My body wants to sleep as it’s used to but unfortunately it’s 8 hours time difference with Nairobi, so I’m awake at weird hours of the night. Same with air conditioning everywhere..airport, restaurants, house, in the car..It will take a bit to adjust but… So far so good..I Miss know yourself.


Checking out Houston..





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