4,3,2,1….Wheels up

My flight is later on today, It hasn’t hit me yet that i’m making a major life decision. Uprooting myself from the familiar to the unfamiliar. I thought it would be kinda easy but as I’m finding out it is quite the opposite.

I’m currently running around like a headless chicken, I’m glad i didn’t sell the car. I don’t know how I would have made it these last few days. I’ve been getting a maximum of 4 hours everyday for the last week. Tough I tell you.

Finally the day is here and I’m still on the beat, haven’t finished packing. Not that i have that much to pack anyway but I’m sure it’s going to come close to the 46Kgs that I’m allowed on British Airways. I’m carrying most of my cycling accessories. Helmet, Shoes, Cleats & Pedals, Cycling kit etc. That stuff cost me a minimum of USD 300 so there is no need to start all over again when i land on the other side.

I’m from Kenya and I have to carry some shopping for my peeps on the other side. You might be asking what might that be. It’s basically spices, tea, coffee and traditional medicine..Not really, just some over the counter medication that they can’t find in America.

My flight is late at night so i have lots of time between now and then but with Nairobi mad traffic i might as well be there early just to avoid last minute rushing.

Anxiety is killing me more than anything else.

I have charged most of my gadgets so as to comply with the new British and American airport rules that were introduced recently. If you can’t switch on any of those, you are leaving them at security in the airport.

And finally joke of this month..The Kenyan Government issued a travel advisory against Heathrow Airport advising Kenyans to avoid that airport as they have received intelligence from American officials that it might be targetted by terrorists. I had already booked my flight before this on BA and it’s not like i was going to change it after the advisory 🙂

That’s it from +254..signing out till i get to +1.



6 thoughts on “4,3,2,1….Wheels up

  1. John

    Finally! All the best with your journey! Please continue to update us about the realities of life once you are in +1. My biggest question: Is the grass greener on the other side?

  2. Cathy M

    Reality has finally checked in that you’re there and we’re here… All the best my friend and glad I met you before you disappeared from +254 😉


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