Last day of work in Kenya..


Nairobi National Park

Today is my last day at my current job. It’s been a great experience and I will cherish the memories I’m taking away with me. I joined when i was a young man and leave as a middle aged man. It’s been great. I love being in the outdoors and i traveled in job just as I’d imagined.


City of Nairobi in the background as viewed from inside the national park..20 minutes from the city center

I have seen at least 10 of my former colleagues move to the states under this program and never did i imagine that one day it’d be me. Finally it has come to pass. I’ll see what the other ‘greener’ pastures hold for me. I’ve bid my colleagues farewell and I’m ready but anxious about what the next stage holds. I’ll be off to see my parents, siblings, a few of the extended family on the weekend and be back in time for my flight. It’s not an easy time but it has to be done. Suddenly there isn’t enough time to meet all my friends. It’s going to be very tight.


Inside the only park located close to a capital city

The Diversity Visa program ended on a sour note this week. Not all ‘selectees’ made the cut. The cut off numbers were much lower that the number of applicants chosen. This means that thousands will not get an interview slot with a consular officer at an American Embassy abroad..Sucks. I was in the 40k range and they made the cut at 81k. The chosen applicants’ case numbers extended above 110k. This means they exhausted the visas available before all ‘selectees’ were interviewed.


Sunset at the Nairobi National Park

From the forums that i follow, many people were excited by previous years’ experiences which indicated everyone selected would be interviewed. It was quite a shocker to many that this year turned out different. Such is life. It’s never fair. Hopefully next time.


View of the city from inside the park


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