Addis Ababa..Last trip


Kenya Airways B787-800 Dreamliner at Jomo Kenya International Airport

Today is my last day here in Addis Ababa, I love Addis because normally i shop till i drop. I’ve bought 80% of my shoes in this town, they have good affordable/cheap leather..but i didn’t shop at all on this trip. Why? because what I’m I going to do with more shoes..I gave away over 10 pairs before i came here because i won’t have space to take all of them with me when i move next in 2 weeks time.


Jomo Kenyatta International Airport..East and Central Africa’s connection hub

Addis has a lively night life. But i didn’t go out this time round. I was here a fortnight ago and checked out the nightlife for a bit. This time round i was too sleepy by the time the 2nd World Cup game ended and boy they’ve been on for like 3 weeks. I’m glad i got to reduce the sleep deficit the last two nights. Today I’m watching the quarter finals in my room reflecting on how it’s all been the last couple of years.


Isn’t that Dreamliner just stunning..hope i fly it one day

Living out of a suitcase has been fun, traveling to remote places i would never dream of going by myself. My work took me to all these place and am forever grateful. The women in this town are easy on the eye too. Too many of my Kenyan brothers can’t wait to come and check out this place. Unfortunately I don’t feel the same. I stillprefer our Kenyan sisters..My bad.


Kenya Airways B777-200ER..

Ethiopian Airlines is another reason that you’ll most likely find yourself in this town if you are going to random Central and West African countries. It’s a beast of an airline that is government owned so they can afford to go where our dear Kenya Airways won’t venture.


The tip of Mt. Kenya as visible from the Nairobi-Addis flight

The headquarters of African Union also means that to get visas to some African countries you have to transit here and cool your heels for a couple of days as they process the visa. Getting a visa on arrival doesn’t apply to those countries in case you are wondering.


The Ethiopian Airlines B737-800 near empty flight..I sometimes wonder how these airlines make money

The Kenyan Embassy in Addis throws down some mean parties by the way, on our(taxpayers) account by the way. I’ve attended two on consecutive Jamhuri days (Independence day) which happens to be on December 12 and they were quite something. At least i can say i enjoyed the fruits of my labor. Pun intended. You can also drop by the embassy any saturday and have some nyama choma (unfortunately not on the embassy entertainment budget). You pay for it on a first-come-first-served basis. You just show your national ID at the gate and you are in.


Addis is quite advance infrastructure wise with by-passes and a light rail project on-going

I’ll be back some day but until then..Adios Addis I’ll miss the good times I’ve had here till we meet again.


Addis Ababa view from my hotel view..notice the poor planning



The light rail under construction in Addis Picture courtesy:

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