My best work trip ever..


The work trip that i will never forget was to a little town called Ngara in North Western Tanzania for seven weeks. It remains my best ever trip to-date. Why was it the best ever.


DSCN4440  DSCN4465

First the accommodation. We stayed in these ex-winter (Sweden) games containers. They were shipping containers converted to 2 bedroom cozy apartment of sorts. Fully equipped kitchen, heaters, air conditioning and a balcony overlooking one of the best views that side of Tanzania. They called the compound Afri Line.

 IMG_5009  IMG_1363

Food. They had this great cook who would whip up whatever the team asked him for and sometimes little unexpected surprises. Some of my colleagues opted to cook their own meals. That worked well too due to the fully equipped kitchens and easily accessible cheap local food.

IMG_5932  IMG_6072

The views..every morning when we woke up, we found ourselves above clouds. Yes, it was that high as you’ll see from the pictures.

IMG_6135  IMG_6192

Exercise. People could jog from the work-site which was 20 odd kilometers away back to base every other day, Jump off a bridge into murky waters of Ruvuvu River..Pure bliss i tell you.


The road is the border, on the right is Burundi, on the left is Tanzania..simple

I learnt how to ride a motor bike in this place and rode over 300kms around the expansive area neighboring Burundi and Rwanda. We could hire the motorbikes from town for as little as USD 7 a day and fuel them for a similar amount. Some of my colleagues and me rode motorbikes to work a couple of times a week. Over weekends the guys would rent 5 or so motorbikes and ride around the area. We once rode to the Y axis known as ‘Mafiga Matatu” named after the 3 cooking stones used in the village.


The Y axis..standing in Tanzania, to the right is Rwanda, to the left is Burundi..River Kagera separates the 3

Some of my colleagues took a week-end drive into Kigali, Rwanda (3hours) from here and had a great time there. I’d been to Kigali before and didn’t think i needed to make the trip.

Ngara mist 4

To top it off, we used to get ice cream from an Arab owned shop in town that sold everything from powdered milk to petrol and stationery.


That cockerel standing in no man’s land..Tanzania/Burundi

Seven weeks flew by so fast and before we knew it, we were headed back home to Kenya on our lovely chartered Dash 8.


2 thoughts on “My best work trip ever..

  1. John

    I’m a daily follower of your journey. Keep it up!
    I have to say, I’m envious of your travels around Africa and US. I wouldn’t quit your kind of job 🙂
    What occupation/job will you take up when you relocate to the states?

  2. Guriix Post author

    Thanks John for keeping up with my adventures..change is good and I’ve done it for quite a bit. Honestly I’m not sure what I’ll do. I won’t be choosy but would like to eventually end up in an aviation related occupation but I’ll tell on here..


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