Wrapping up

I gave notice to my employer, i have 3 weeks remaining. My last day will be in mid July. My flight is 4 days later. Life is short, sometimes its good to live on the fast lane. I gave my landlady notice to vacate. I’m in the process of disposing of my little possessions. I won’t be selling my car, i’ll leave it parked and will be using it whenever I’m in town.

I’m in the process of looking for a prepaid credit card. Nakumatt or Nation Hela (Kenyan prepaid credit cards) that can be loaded using M-Pesa (Kenyan mobile money transfer system), getting a Kenyan bank account that i can use for online transactions, investments and the like. I hope i won’t have to close my trusted Barclays Bank account that I’ve had for over 10 years but if the maintenance fees are crazy, it’s gotta go.

A few more goodbyes when i get back..

I’ve been given a work opportunity to travel to Addis Ababa Ethiopia for 2 weeks and i said what the heck..i’m leaving tomorrow. Everything seems to be on fast forward this last week but i’m enjoying it all and giving thanks..I’m blessed.

Counting my blessings.


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