Diversity Visa is approved..


My DV Visa was approved yesterday, probably the day that will change my life forever for better or for worse..no,no not like a wedding..lol.But it hasn’t sunk in yet. It wasn’t so bad. It was just tiring psychologically. The wait wears you down, what-ifs start creeping in but all in all it went well. The actual interview took about 5-7 minutes. Basically checking out what i did after high school and how many times i’ve been to the US. This is the first time i’ll be entering the US with a different visa. I always use the B1/B2 Visitor/Business category. We’ll see how the relocation goes.


International Organization for Migration have cheap tickets out of Nairobi and i checked yesterday. The cheapest it can cost me one way from Nairobi to Houston, Texas mid next month is Ksh 69000 (USD 793), not bad at all. I think i’ll take up the offer. I have exactly a month before that..so its time to put in my resignation at work and start wrapping things up..

Very long month ahead..

6 thoughts on “Diversity Visa is approved..

  1. John

    I have been following your journey. Congratulations!
    Did the embassy ask you to produce bank statements or an affidavit of support?
    Appreciate a reply.


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