Rollercoaster of Emotions..

I am conflicted..


Winning the Diversity Visa Lottery is supposed to be great news..and don’t get me wrong it is..But as the interview date nears i’ve been thinking if i’m doing the right thing by pursuing the visa. I guess it’s a normal thing to be in that state. I’ve lived in Kenya my whole and this potential move scares me. Leaving everything and starting all over in a new place if i get the visa. I’ve informed my parents about the great news and they are happy for me. They think i should pursue this venture to the end. I’m single so i don’t have family to think of. I don’t have lots of attachments per se.

I’m also not sure who to tell of the good news. I’ve told some of my very close friends. Some are happy, others not so sure. For now my workplace wants me to travel asap, hopefully that will distract and calm me..but for now i’m in that place. Don’t know if others who’ve been through this felt the same at some point.


Millenium dome, Chicago

Enjoy your weekend peeps..


2 thoughts on “Rollercoaster of Emotions..

  1. Nubiken

    My wife and I are experiencing the same thing. Very conflicted. Currently have a good job although no job security. Have quite abit of attachment with regards to property which off course can be disposed of. I thought that since we have previously lived in the US for about 10 yrs while studying and my kid is a US citizen that would make it easy. It just seems to make it a more complex decision. One day we totally for it the next not so sure.


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