Preparations Part 2..CID/KNEC


CID HQs on Kiambu Road

Another requirement is a Certificate of Good Conduct only done by the Kenya Police arm of Criminal Investigations Department. It’s located on Kiambu road just after the Muthaiga Golf Club. I checked in there one afternoon last week and on was a mess. Long queues everywhere. It was lunch time and as any Kenyan knows. No service for an hour. I asked around where to start and was directed to one of those long queues to pay Ksh. 1000 (~USD 12). We waited.waited until 2pm when the officers get back to work. Queue moved very fast and i paid in no time.

Next was getting photocopies of the receipt i just paid and a the national ID..guess what. you pay another Ksh. 10 (USD 10cents) for the photocopy and you guessed a queue.(we were 50-70 peeps). After the photocopy was done now to get the fingerprint forms in another queue..and then wait and wait..then onto another queue to have your fingerprints taken..they apply black ink on a metallic board, apply the ink on all your fingers and nearly break them trying to correctly take the prints..The police officers are rude and if you make a stupid comment. They take you to the back of the queue..i smiled as the dude nearly broke my pinky finger and he wasn’t amused,  asking what i thought was funny. Had to apologize for his mistake or else..

After the prints are taken you are sent to another queue..Kenya Police and queues..woii. This is the last queue. Thank God. They stamp a number on all the receipt and that is what you’ll use to collect your Certificate of Good Conduct in 2 weeks…I was out of there in under 1 hour..pheewx, not so bad.

Next..Kenya National Examination Council

Luckily for me i got the necessary form online and it had details on where to pay some Ksh. 2320 (~USD 27). I went to a National Bank Kenyatta Avenue branch and after queuing for half an hour (queues,queues and this country) they ‘kindly’ informed us their system was ‘down’ and as such could not serve us..daamn!!..Onto to the next bank Equity (Kenyatta Avenue)..

Mother of queues..Spent most of my day off from work Was there for an hour. Got to the teller and she informs me that KNEC (Kenya National Examination Council) account needed some ‘maintenance’ before they could accept my money..wt..was asked to have a seat and would be called back when ready..another half hour..banking in this country sucks.


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Finally got a receipt and was off to the other side of town where KNEC offices are located..20 minute walk and finally found the place..Extelecoms House next to the Central Bank of Kenya. Archaic building. No working lifts..walked up to the 3rd floor and had to wait again. At least no queue this time round. Finally some bored dude served me. Got a copy of the receipt, stamped received and said the confidential results would be sent directly to the Embassy. That place looked shady. Hope they send those results in good time..


And that was my crazy day dealing with THE Kenya Police and KNEC..

Wish me luck


4 thoughts on “Preparations Part 2..CID/KNEC

    1. Guriix Post author

      I started the process about 2 months to the interview date..It still took a couple of follow-ups by phone to confirm they’d sent the confidential results.


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