Preparations part 1

Where do i start?

The 1st Notification came on May 01 2013, i sent forms a week later to the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC). I received a confirmation mail 10 days later. Now the wait was on. Processing for DV 2014 started officially on October 01 2013. Everyone who wins has a cases number e.g 2014AF0003000. The numbers to be processed are accessed through the Visa Bulletin by the State Department. You keep checking until your case number becomes current. Meaning that they have scheduled a visa appointment at the Embassy of the country of eligibility.

My case number is in the 40000s so the 2NL (Notification Letter) came by email on Apr 16 2014. My visa interview was set for June 2014. The visa bulletin looks like what i’ve copied below. So for June 2014 the cut-off for Africa is Case Numbers below 45600.

Region All DV Chargeability Areas Except Those Listed Separately
AFRICA 45,600 Except:
Egypt: 28,200
Nigeria: 15,300
ASIA 7,425
EUROPE 32,950 Except: Uzbekistan 17,500
and the CARIBBEAN 1,425

Now to prepare for the interview. Medicals have to be done by a US Embassy approved doctor. For Nairobi only IOM (International Organization for Migration) is authorized to do US Embassy medicals for applicants from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Eritrea, Somali and others :).

I sent my passport details, a copy of the Embassy appointment letter and a recent passport photo. They scheduled me for the medical on a date that i couldn’t get time off from work. I rescheduled for an earlier date.

They need 2 full working days..imagine.damn.Anyway i was able to get the days off. I reported to IOM Nairobi Migration Health Assessment Centre located in the leafy suburbs of Gigiri (Not far from the Gigiri Police Station & WFP Somali Office) on the 1st day. They give counseling for all applicants coming to do medicals. They were people going to Australia, Canada and the US. For US, they draw blood to only test Syphilis…hmm. been swimming without gloves you are in trouble. They also test for TB. No HIV testing. Those were done and that was it for Day 1.

Now to pay at the bank as IOM does not accept cash. My Medicals cost USD 198 as i had some vaccinations done for work and i’d gotten Chicken Pox in primary school (54 bucks saved, woohoo). I paid at the CBA Bank in the nearby Village Market Mall.

Day 2 : Reported back to IOM. First to sort the mullah issue with the cashier. Sorted. Next wait.wait.wait.Go see a nurse who confirms its you on the passport, does height,weight,bp,medicals history,vaccination history and then go wait.wait.wait.for the doctor to examine you. Undress,do head to toe physical exam including if the ‘equipment’ is working well down there.A bit embarassing but hey that’s what docs do. right? Done, the doctor tells you if you have any medical problem that can prevent you from entering the US. Gives you a CD containing your XRay stuff (To be carried in your hand luggage on the day of travel;DONT FORGET!!)

Next the vaccinations depending on what you paid for.DONE.You get a vaccination certificate. They didn’t input those details on my Yellow Fever vaccination card. They only do the “Certificate”. After that i was done with medicals.

Quite a complicated process and costs money. Roughly USD 300 if you get all the vaccines.

So that was how my medical process police records & Kenya National Examination Council results..


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